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Remember August 29, 2007

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Let nothing be forgotten in this place August 11, 2007

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My son has a friend who lives up on Jackson Avenue. I’ve noticed that the shrine to Vera is gone from its spot on Jackson just south of Magazine. There is some realtor’s sign on the property, and I imagine they didn’t think that the remembrance of a victim of the flood lacked what they call on curb appeal.

By removing that memorial that property should be cursed and should never sell unless the memorial is restored.

Je me souviens.


This is the memorial as I found it Nov. 1, 2006, when I left a pot of mums. It contained photographs and a memorial/obituary notice about Vera Smith, who died at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Magazine Street on Tuesday, Aug. 31 2005, the victim of a hit-and-run driver during the frantic evacuation of New Orleans after the Flood. Her body lay on the street for days until neighbors built a rough tomb for her from found bricks and buried here (see photo below).


Buy Buy Owner August 5, 2007

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You’ve done it all youself: mucked out and gutted, hung, taped and floated all that greenrock you had to haul in from Mobile, resodded the lawn, fought with the insurance company and the Road Home and FEMA trailer idiots. You’ve done it all, and done well. Now that your new assessment has arrived, you’re done. Fuck this place, you say.

Now you’re ready for the last step: Buy Buy Owner, the program for people who are ready to bail. No real estate agent will take the house for what it was worth two years ago, much less you new assessment. You need a program that will help you sell it yourself so you can get on with your new life in Nashville.

Buy Buy Owner will help you archieve that dream of moving back to America. We garauntee you’ll sell you house for at least half its appraised value or your money back.

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