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Follow Odd Words

To make sure you don’t miss an Odd Word’s post on Facebook, all you have to do is:

  1. Hover over the Liked button.

How To Follow 1 - Hover Liked

2. Click on Notifications. Check the boxes you wish. At a minimum, you should check Status Updates and Events. These will then appear under the Globe icon of notifications.

How To Follow 3 - Get Notifications

3. Click Done. Hover over the Liked Button again. Select See First. This will ensure that Odd Words posts go to the top of  your feed.

How To Follow 2 - See First

4. That’s it. Unsponsored posts sometimes have a very poor reach. You may have Like the page and if you don’t take these simple steps, there is a good chance  you won’t see the weekly listing or any event-specific posts.

5. Thanks! for Liking and Following Odd Words.


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