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I got tamaetas, ripe red tamaetas… February 28, 2007

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I fell into a brief time/space disturbance this afternoon while working at home when a vegetable vendor came by. No, he wasn’t pushing a cart up the street. He was idling a pickup truck with a bull-horn atop the cab roof. But he had the sing-song delivery of his wares down pat. I was on a telephone meeting and couldn’t stop him, and felt like I had missed a chance to reach out and touch the past.

The Serpent and the Rainbow February 25, 2007

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The world is not after Haiti as so many of us feel. The cold truth is the world’s indifference, and if there is one thing a Haitian hates it is to be unconsequential. It does not matter what is said about you, as long as you are the subject of conversation. Perhaps at some international soiree idle chatter passes to Haiti, but I doubt it.

–The mysterious stranger on the hotel veranda speaks to author Wade Davis in chapter six his book The Serpent and The Rainbow.

How true these words ring to an Orleanian, particularly to one who has the photos of two ancestors who fled here from the slave revolts of the island. This week the president will come and go, diverting scores of police from their desperately needed rounds. When he leaves, nbothing will have changed for the better or the worse, except by chance. No, that is not entirely true. What will have changed–a bit of debris moved or a house rebuilt or a life restored–will have happened in spite of him, by our own efforts. To him, we are just another backdrop for Important Business Elsewhere.

Today is Mardi Gras February 20, 2007

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An editorial by Phil Johnson, long-time news director and editorial voice of WWL-TV and possibly the only man in TV news I’ve ever seen with a beard:

Good evening. Today is Mardi Gras. Since no one can be serious today, we won’t try. But we do reserve the right to be serious tomorrow. Good Evening

Hat tip to Yat Pundit for this and for the lovely and longer editorial here.

Musing on Chaos at the Krewe d’Etat February 18, 2007

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or How’s Your MoMs and all

In which our Intrepid Hero once again drags the cooler, chairs and ladder up Napoleon so that he may haul them all home again together with sufficient plastic trinkets to fabricate his own FEMA trailer.

And we all thought that the Krewes du Vieux and d’Etat had a corner on the irony angle of Carnival, until my friend the dedicated environmentalist pointed out the irony of watching the Krewe of Endymion parade a large set of floats depicting endangered species, pulled by belching diesal tractors while riders tossed out enough precious petroluem based bric-a-brac to entagle and throttle every sea bird and turtle on the planet.
We saw no one today except Dangerblonde (briefly) as her float of the Krewe of Tucks trundled by. I’m glad I caught her at least once, as I will probably spend next Samadi Gras fending off the desperate parking place theives when Endymion returns to its rightful home a few blocks from ours.
Today was great fun, but Thursday before has really become the quality night of Carnival, as we left burdened with an unimaginable pile of truly nifty throws as we returned to finish the night at Adrastos’ and Grace’s nearby home. The themed floats of the satyric Krewe d’Etat are mong the best in carnival, and the first time I’m sure I’ll see a flambeau is escorting the cotton wagon floats of Chaos. And Muses is the one parade where middle-aged men have fighting chance against cute children and teenaged girls.
Endymion’s not bad, but frankly I rarely attended it in years past. For me the Saturday before meant MoM’s ball, with a drop by to the Mahaptos party hosted by friends from UNO in the very long ago. This year, no MoMs ball. I think I have a duty to get my kids to their first full flight of as many parades as possible, and getting to bed at six tomorrow morning is not a good idea if one wants a decent spot by Thoth to try and hold until Bacchus. But next year, first the Begindymion Bacchanal will certainly be followed by MoMs. Guests are warned there will be a strict curfew enforced a the Begindymion Bacchanal by the clever mechanism of starting to serve alcohol to the adults and sugar to the children as early as possible, leaving everyone thoroughly exhausted when it comes time to dress for MoMs.

Mr. & Mrs. Groovy Go To The Sleaze Ball February 11, 2007

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Mr. and Mrs. Groovy go to the Sleaze Ball

Here we are before we set out to the fabulous annual Sleaze Ball, hosted this year by John Steed and Emma Peel at the Uptown digs of Tommy M. and Sue P. Rebecca looks much more like a spy than I do, in keeping with this year’s theme of Spy v. Spy. I set out to find a jacket for to make myself into No. 6 from The Prisoner (Be Seeing You), but found the iridescent-beetle colored coat and mod wig instead. The coat was a prefect fit, and was clearly meant to be. I’m just a goovy extra from the golden era of spy films. Just drop Its All Too Much into the player on repeat mode, and I’m ready.

Through the drinking glass February 10, 2007

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One thing was certain, that the white cross had nothing to do with it…

Krewe du Vieux Goes to Hell February 8, 2007

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Ed Note 5-13-08: Sorry, kiddies but, no, I don’t have a cite for these. Perhaps you should try looking in that big building behind the student union, you know the one with all the books in it that doesn’t sell t-shirts?

As a first-time marcher its probably way out of my league to make suggestions to the assembled captains of the sub-krewes that make up the Krewe du Vieux, but I think the appropriate response to the trumped up protest by an out-of-town group against the parade’s past themes is to adopt the theme:

Krewe du Vieux Goes To Hell

Think Dante and the circles of hell. Think of all of the wonderful examples of sin that could be represented. Imagine Bill Donahue clutching his chest and turning purple. I think this is far superior to my original idea of Great Popes of New Orleans (as I hum the jingle to the old cooking show, sung I’m pretty sure by a girl I had a terrible crush on when I was 11).

No, I think if these guys are right and we’re going Down Under–sans koala’s and Fosters–I say we ought to go out in style. And Heck, looking at these maps of Hell (its been a long time since I crack the Inferno), it looks to me like those of us who Choose du Vieux get the good seats, with an excellent view of the hypocrites and pretty much everyone in local government down below.

Sure, it may seem a bit harsh to pick on these pathetic protesters, but this isn’t a devout group of local churchgoers. This is a group protesting the 2005 parade in 2007, a group that comes every year to try to save us all from the debauchery, the heirs to the Grape Force whose real mission is to abolish Mardi Gras as we know it. Look closely and you may see a few of them on Circle Six.


Again, it’s probably not my place as a first-timer new to my krewe to propose themes. But, I’m just saying…