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Tootie’s Last Suit April 28, 2007

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I so want to see this movie.

The feature-length documentary, TOOTIE’S LAST SUIT explores the complex relationships, rituals, history, and music of New Orleans’ vibrant Mardi Gras Indian culture while telling the story of Allison “Tootie” Montana, former Chief of Yellow Pocahontas Hunters. Celebrated throughout the New Orleans as “the prettiest,” for the beauty and inventiveness of his elaborately beaded Mardi Gras costumes, Tootie Montana masked for 52 years, longer than any other Mardi Gras Indian…

In the aftermath of It All, I had completely forgotten about the St. Joseph’s Night attack of the NOPD on the Indians, and Tootie’s death while testifying to the City Council about it. This sounds like a film that should be run until the print gives out in New Orleans. At the same time, given all the city’s troubles, I hope that this culture does not vanish into the camera’s lense.

The sound track of satori April 24, 2007

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I don’t care how much the damn tickets cost, or what big name pop or rap star claims the stage somewhere else at days end.

I am going to see the jazz bhodisatva Pharoah Sanders. This will be the first chance I’ve had to see him since I discovered Love is Everywhere in a cut-out bin thirtry years ago, and was entranced.

His work combines the frenetic and estatic work of his mentor, John Coltrane, and combines it as he moved out on his own with an African-rooted spirituality and lyricism that no one can touch. More than anyone I can think of, he embodies everything jazz was meant to be.

I think I could sit in his presence for an hour, him silent on stage holding his saxophone, and be content. However, I”m hoping for something more in line with this 2007 concert.

“Pharoah is a man of large spiritual reservoir. He’s always trying to reach out to truth. He’s trying to allow his spiritual self to be his guide. He’s dealing, among other things, in energy, in integrity, in essences. I so much like the strength of his playing. Furthermore, he is one of the innovators, and it’s been my pleasure and privilege that he’s been willing to help me.” — John Coltrane

If I show up at Voodoo Fest, my daughter will die April 23, 2007

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Ok, Charlotte started it. Here is my Palozaa Head.

I am such a P-loser. I must have something better to do, but it doesn’t occur to me at the moment

The end of the world April 21, 2007

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“This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.”
–Jim Morrison
World’s End Marina, 2006
At world’s end, I want to be among friends. If we can’t save New Orrleans, the so-called developed world is at its end. I am in the right place at the wrong time, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

There is only one disease and I am it’s catalyst April 21, 2007

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cried doomed pride of the carrier.

Fighting, dancing, gambling,
bars, cinemas
thrive in the avid summer.

The New Orleans Jazz Vipers April 18, 2007

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Ok, well, the video sucks. Bad camera holding and you can’t see them on stage. Too dark. And the wind noise on the camera and the bad sound board work, well. Screw it. I had fun. If you don’t know the New Orleans Jazz Vipers, get thyself down to the Spotted Cat some Friday night and discover the best time in New Orleans. No cover. Tip well.

These cats were one of two traditional jazz bands we caught on Sunday at French Quarter Festival. The other was the Andrew Hall Society Marching Band, who are a living diorama of a pre-Rebirth, traditional brass marching and concert band. They are Living National Treasures. I keep meaning to ask them if they are the same outfit as the Andrew Hall Society Jazz Band that used to play the Maple Leaf long, long ago on Saturday nights. Those guys were already old in the 1970s.

Anyway, just take a peek at the scene, then close your eyes and let the music carry you away to The day before yesterday and well into the distant decades at the other end of the 20th century. The Vipers are keeping the traditional jazz alive in New Orleans for the future.