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We Will Drown the Bitch in Beauty May 1, 2008

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“I told you I would be here.
It was important that I came.
I’m leaving but I’ll be back again.
Will you be here?”
Shelton Alexander

Terrence Blanchard.
Requiem for Katrina. Tomorrow at Jazz Fest

We will drown the bitch in beauty and flood the city with tears of joy.

Will you be there?

Update: Replacing generic Terence Blanchard YouTube with a camera video shot May 2, 2008 at Jazz Fest, an excerpt from Funeral Dirge from Blanchard’s A Tale of God’s Will (A Requiem for Katrina), featuring Blanchard’s Quintet and the —————- —————— Orchestra.

Update 5-12-09 Based on an objection from the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, I have removed this brief, low-fidelity excerpt which I had posted pursuant to fair usage for comment and criticism. Apparently they don’t appreciate free promotion. I will also remove any references to the LPO from this piece as well.

A Taste of the Jazz Tent April 27, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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A couple of quick camera videos from the WWOZ Jazz Tent at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2008. Both are from the Turbington’s House set, a tribute to Earl and Willie “Tee” Turbington. The first is pianist David Torkanowsky asking for a standing ovation to the Turbingtons, the second a taste of the first set of the tribute with Torkanowsky on piano and Astral Project’s bassist Jim Singleton and guitarist Steve Masakowski. Drummer is Ricky Sebastian and I didn’t catch the saxophonist’s name (help me out, George, if you’ve got a list).

Ovation for the Turbington’s

Excerpt from the jazz set from the Turbinton’s House tribute

I spent part of the day with my friend Eric and ran into bloggers Adrastos and the lovely Dr. A, together with Sophmom and Dangerblond, and ran into various friends and aquiantences on the I left everyone I now to the outside stages and headed in to the Jazz Tent well ahead of Saturday’s torrential rains. I ended up missing Dr. John but was not disappointed to hear the full Astral Project set. At the last song, when it looked like the rain was abating, I bolted out the Mystery exit and started waking home. I almost made it, but the skies opened up no six blocks from the house and I ended up soaked. The camera, thankfully, made it through.

Today if we don’t all drown, it will be Voice of the Wetlands Allstars, Nicholas Peyton Quintet and the Hot 8 brass band. I’ll be carrying my black-and-white umbrella today to make sure I can get about and out without getting soaked to the bone. Remember: New Orleans is one town where carrying an umbrella to a show is not an impediment to dancing, but the perfect accessory.