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I Tell You We Must Die October 10, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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Tonight I went to the Deustch House Oktoberfest, listening to a bad Om Pah band play the Hogan Hero’s Theme and chicken dance endlessly. While I was walking up to the Deustch House my wife called, railing about the freaks at the latest McCain-Palin rally. While the phone was out, I checked my email. The counting house’s stock was down, again, another five percent.
When that wore itself out, I found my way to Frenchman Street in search of the Jazz Vipers. Instead, I found a rather hot Kelsmer band.

It occured to me as I sat at the bar at the Spotted Cat finishing my beer before I went home (since there was to be no Jazz Vipers or at least too late for my taste): I have tonight heard the soundtrack of Weimar Amerika. “Kill him,” they shout at their rallies.

Please just Show Me the Way to the Next Whisky Bar.

Misanthrope Freeway, One Mile… May 23, 2008

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“What do you mean, ‘That was nice?’ That was art. Art isn’t nice.”
— Macheath (Mack the Knife) in the Threepenny Opera

I’m in a mood. Humor me. If you can’t come and buy me a drink somewhere, at least sit back and vid this while I consider the consequences of pouring out a tumbler of the amber rambler. Just be glad I spared you the Marilyn Manson version.

On second thought, don’t come buy me a drink tonight. Buy me one tomorrow at the Rock N Bowl for Renard Poche’s show at 11.