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The Hostilidays December 17, 2010

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, NOLA, Toulouse Street.
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Ah, it had to start at some point: the annual NOLA Blogger tradition of Awful Christmas Videos. Blame Loki. He started it.

This one comes courtesy of my son (aka Boy; hold the Tarzan jokes, please: This means you Peter) and goes out to Glenn Beck and all of the Kool-Aid stained believers of the War on Christmas.

The Gift November 28, 2009

Posted by The Typist in cryptical envelopment, Dancing Bear, oddities, Odds&Sods, Toulouse Street.
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OK, not exactly a holiday video for the increasingly infamous NOLA Bloggers War On Christmas, (aka The Hostilidays) but also because this is the piece I suggested Lou For A Day should stand up on the bar and declaim at Mimi’s if I can scrape off the right-channel music track. And hey, it’s all about the gifts, right? That and the food and the booze. In fact, I think I should make and give everyone bourbon balls this year, which seems the perfect expression of the holiday season.