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Harry Shearer at Rising Tide August 23, 2009

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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I’m still collecting my thoughts so for now, here is quick picture of Harry framed by Rising Tide IV. The culture panel was acclaimed a success by everyone I spoke to after (although just about everyone else seems to tired to post much yet) so I came away very happy. And Shearer, who we have wanted for keynote for four years, did not disappoint.

Harry Shearer addresses Rising Tide IV at the Zeitgeist in New Orleans.

Still Raining, Still Dreaming August 24, 2008

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A lazy day as the last of Fay rains itself out over New Orleans. I posted up some stuff on the Rising Tide Blog and moved the mailing lists for NOLA Bloggers to Google for reasons I don’t think I’ll get into. If you’re on the list, you probably know why.

The short of it: Rising Tide was another success. Our keynote speaker John Barry his current talk (which I’ve seen bits of online), and it is a powerful and important message on why New Orleans matters to the entire nation. All of the panels were interesting and well-received. I think the Levees.org film was a bit of a letdown, and I may have something more to say about that later. The food from J’Anita’s was fantastic. Thanks to Octavia Books for coming and setting up at the conference. I hope they did good business. I did my part, picking up a copy of Barry’s The Great Influenza and finally a copy of blogger Deidra of G-Bitch’s novel. I think I’m the last NOLA blogger to finally get a copy, and I plan to start it this afternoon.

After all, it’s a rainy day and I have nothing much pressing to take care of. I think I’m going to plant myself on the porch and be one with the plants, every now and then turning a page. A cigar sounds good.

Since it’s going to be such a lazy day, I will fleed to the ultimate refuge of the lazy blogger: YouTube. I somehow missed Blind Lemon in the 1990s, and came across this song as an oldie on the kid’s favorite radio station. It’s a perfect song for a rainy day. The instrumental solos are among some of the most fabulous in jam/grunge; no strike that, one of the great bits of rock in any sub genre. Listen to the bass line and tell me this doesn’t want to make you go out and dance in the rain.