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Nagin Award Drives Me To Drink August 16, 2008

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This Nagin award thing is going to drive me to drink. I say we honor the Survivors of Katrina that are being used to promote this sham award. I say we drink to the Salt of the Earth.

Christ, did Keith Ridchards every really look that young?

How long can the Excellence in Recovery Host Committee hold a bong hit before laughing hysterically? August 15, 2008

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Headline blatantly stolen from Schroeder at People Get Ready because its so damn funny.

If you want to answer that rhetorical question, you can contact some of the people on the invitation sponsor list below. Click the image to view it full size and legible. (h/t to Eli of We Could Be Famous). Better yet, I’ve just found that Howie Luvzus has typed up the list of sponsors, and provided the email addresses for some of them. Be sure to join me in dropping them a line.

You should also follow Kevin Allman’s developing story on Gambit’s Blog of New Orleans. Loki of Humid City has also been on top of this, tracking down Jackie Clarkson who has started scuttling away from it like a crab.

I still don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the idea of honoring Nagin with The Award of Distinction for Recovery, Courage and Leadership. What a crock. I want to suggest again, if you haven’t blogged this or called someone in outrage yet, please do so. This sham needs to go the way of the ill-advised “celebration” of the anniversary in August 2006.

Place your bets! January 21, 2007

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I’m with Peter at Adrastos: who cares about pizza and begneits? I think if we win, we should get Chicago’s police chief. If we lose, we need to send them C. Ray, because I don’t think we could all survive waking up Monday out of the Super Bowl and Nagin still our mayor.

The 100 Ways September 14, 2006

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City blames 100 day confusion on FEMA September 7, 2006

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Deputy Undercover Mayor for Recovery Rob “B-man” Couhig today accused FEMA and the LRA of withholding desperately needed days required to meet Mayor No-C-‘Em Ray Nagin’s commitment to deliver a 100 day plan to the people of New Orleans.

“Under the Stafford Act, FEMA is required to supply us up to 90% of the calendar days necessary for recovery planning, provided we request those days prior to the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina,” Couhig said in a call from the Secret Recovery Planning Bunker. “To date, FEMA has not provided the necessary days to us.”

Couhig said the city had only actually completed the first 10 days of the recovery plan, the number of days the city is required to provide as a match to the federal allocation. “Katrina destroyed just about every calendar in City Hall, and none were ordered for 2006 because, frankly, without any calendars we missed the deadline for ordering. In our current state, we can’t get to 100 days without an infusion from the federal government, especially when we’re not even sure what day it is right now.”

Federal Katrina Kingfish Don “Knotts” Powell fired back, arguing the city had first failed to submit a request for the days, then submitted an application that failed to specify if the days should be delivered in blotter, tear-a-way or planner format, said, “It is important that we give each request for time close scrutinity, to make sure that the taxpayer’s days aren’t being squandered but are used efficiently. Given the history of New Orleans and Louisiana, we have to pay particularly close attention to such requests.”

LRA vice-davenport Walter “Scalawag” Isaacson, speaking at the Shaw Group Inc.’s Annual Honorarium Hoedown and Bar-B-Q , pointed out that it’s really a local responsibility to put in a properly formatted request for days. “Even if we had days available for them, if they can’t manage to put together their requests properly with the days they have, it doesn’t indicate it would be a good investment of our scarce recovery resources to give them any more.”

Noted time and calender expert Franklin “Leatherbound” Covey pointed out that the feds are understandably reluctant to part with any of their days. “The Bush Administration is in its last two years, and has less than a thousand days left to secure its legacy. Transferring the blame for the events of the last year to local officials by withholding these days and keeping those days for themselves is a win-win for the White House.”