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The Gift November 28, 2009

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OK, not exactly a holiday video for the increasingly infamous NOLA Bloggers War On Christmas, (aka The Hostilidays) but also because this is the piece I suggested Lou For A Day should stand up on the bar and declaim at Mimi’s if I can scrape off the right-channel music track. And hey, it’s all about the gifts, right? That and the food and the booze. In fact, I think I should make and give everyone bourbon balls this year, which seems the perfect expression of the holiday season.

Orpheus Crescending April 18, 2008

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There was an Underground once.

I was a child when this was recorded, listening to drivel on WTIX.

Somewhere tonight in this city boys in black with china white skin strum chords from the end of the world to their cigarette thin girls.

I am not there and neither are you. Some underground we are.

End Part One of the Underground Weekend, Friday April 17 2008. The next tape will be Tape Two

Through the drinking glass February 10, 2007

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One thing was certain, that the white cross had nothing to do with it…