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Glad we got that, uh, straightened out May 13, 2008

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, NOLA, Odds&Sods, Toulouse Street.
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Gay rodeo undermines sexual stereotypes

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters Life!) – Philadelphia’s gay community sought to dispel some sexual stereotypes when it held the city’s first gay rodeo.

About 50 contestants roped steers, cracked whips, and wrestled cattle to the ground during the weekend in an attempt to prove to themselves – and the rest of the world – that they are just as capable of tackling a traditionally macho sport as their straight counterparts…

Glad we got that, uh, straightened out.


I wonder if there were any Indians involved in this Wild West Show, or if any a them rodeo cow-pokes was in the navy? To some people rum, sodomy and the lash probably sounds, well, electrifying. Ok, I need to stop before I get stomped on by the Politically Correct Police. I really should leave the snark to Professionals like These, especially since I can’t think of an awful pun involving motorcycles and leather.

I just hope Philadelphia survives the next hurricane season.

When I can’t find anything I’m motivated to write about in New Orleans, it occurs to me that Odd is not a local specialty dish. Just think of this as a big old Hoagie with Extra Odd, dressed or whatever it is y’all do up there. Maybe undressed. I don’t really want to know.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life already in progress, even as you fritter it away on the intertubes.