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Breakfast with Jesus in Heaven January 13, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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Ok, so I have this blog called Poems Before Breakfast. The name comes from the time I steal to write, often very early in the morning, when I drag myself out of bed to steal some quiet time. About 50 percent of my traffic to the site is people Googling for “breakfast” and “poem”, a combination that never really crossed my mind in any way.

So, with the maniacal egoism of your typical vanity blogger, I’m checking out my Sitemeter and find this search: poem – breakfast with jesus in heaven. What, do they think heaven is like Disney Land? If I die in good standing with American Express, can I do breakfast with Jesus and Moses all on the same trip?

* Note: there are some famous poems about breakfast, including one by Elizabeth Bishop and one by Frank O’Hara, who also published a New Directions chapbook entitled Lunch Poems. The only poem about breakfast with Jesus I can find was rather insipid but certainly inspirational to someone. It did not, sadly, clarify my burning question on the subject: does Jesus eat bacon?