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Let It May 11, 2013

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Having established a stable orbit and allowing for the radio delay from Saturn, we resume our old habit of Radio Free Toulouse Street.

Love Is All You Need November 16, 2008

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So I finally crawl out of a weekend of work hell and settle down to catch up on the blogs and I read all of Morwen’s (righteously) angry Prop 8 rants and the Zombie is all over the Church of the Hateful Jesus.

And then I read this from Big EZ Bear and I think: who gives a fuck what they think in Bush or Barstow, here in city that care forgot we haven’t forgotten how to care for each other, whether partners of a lifetime or a lot of strangers in the blight.

I love this city more than they love their god or their country because here we remember what that god’s son said and why this country was founded. All you need is Love along with Liberty in the Pursuit of Happiness and you end up with a Life worth living.

New Orleans has more than its share of Philistines and Pharisees but like the guys in this video we can stand up in a world full of darkness and anger and envy and jealousy and just make our own joyful noise and beam it into the world. The rest of America can hang us all from their crosses like the army of Spartacus because they hate us for our freedom and their children will still flock here because we know how to live.

All together now:

Sweet 16 February 16, 2008

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Tonight is my daughter Killian’s Sweet 16 Party, an affair organized by parents of sophomores at her elite public high school. All of the girls have Beatles on the brain (which doesn’t prevent them from listening to Kane West or Lupe Fiasco) and the theme is All You Need Is Love.

The highlight (for me) will be The Presentation, when we dads get to walk our daughter down the stairs. Killian and her friends thought the presentation part was a terrible idea, so I had suggested that — given the theme — if we didn’t have a presentation that some of the other dads and I would get ourselves up in white tails and do this, their mother’s swirling around us in long skirts.

We won out in the end, and I will be presenting her to society as it were in proper New Orleans fashion. I still think the Magical Mystery Tour bit would have been fun.

Oh, the kids are going to see the Beatles movie May 12, 2007

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I just watched my daughter’s NOCCA dance recital video, the second half of which is a fabulous Beatles-based jazz/broadway number with a soundtrack from the new George Martin Beatles remix album. The last number is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

This led me to reflecting about the times I grew up in, when our parents innocently dropped us off at I think the (now condemed) Lowe’s State to see “a Beatles movie”. We were, what, maybe eleven at the time?

Wow. This was definitely not A Hard Day’s Night or the Beatles cartoons. (Remember those?)

One upside of my daughter’s immersion in the Beatles over the last several months is a big leap in her continuingly improving taste in music. It’s rather nice to hear the Beatles ringing out from her bedroom than some of the other stuff she has listened to over the years.

And she seemed genuinely shocked when I pointed out that the title bore some relation to another famous LSD.

Mr. & Mrs. Groovy Go To The Sleaze Ball February 11, 2007

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Mr. and Mrs. Groovy go to the Sleaze Ball

Here we are before we set out to the fabulous annual Sleaze Ball, hosted this year by John Steed and Emma Peel at the Uptown digs of Tommy M. and Sue P. Rebecca looks much more like a spy than I do, in keeping with this year’s theme of Spy v. Spy. I set out to find a jacket for to make myself into No. 6 from The Prisoner (Be Seeing You), but found the iridescent-beetle colored coat and mod wig instead. The coat was a prefect fit, and was clearly meant to be. I’m just a goovy extra from the golden era of spy films. Just drop Its All Too Much into the player on repeat mode, and I’m ready.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps November 29, 2006

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For certain is death for the born
And certain is birth for the dead;
Therefore over the inevitable
Thou shouldst not grieve.
Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2

Thou shouldst not grieve. I suggest we dance.