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Everything in Life Dreams August 4, 2012

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MARELA (to Conchita): No, everything in life dreams. A bicycle dreams of becoming a boy, an umbrella dreams of becoming the rain, a pearl dreams of becoming a woman, and a chair dreams of becoming a gazelle and running back to the forest.
— Nilo Cruz, from Anna in the Tropics

Do you feel the dreams around you? The coffee longs for Columbia, your cigarette remembers Virginia, the walls recall the gypsum earth from which they came. That is a beautiful line from the play but I believe what is around you does not seek to escape or pull you into reverie but to push you out the door. All these mingled dreams of scattered places are like the forecast of the storm around the corner. Somewhere among the brightly colored and diverging lines is the unforeseeable track, the true path that leads to your own dreams. You may never reach the end but everything around you calls you to follow, past the boy on his bicycle, the tan woman in the black dress, her pearlescent neck, through the pouring rain and into the forest. Something rustles in the leaves then bounds away. You can see the faint track worn in the grass. You leave the path and follow it.