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Farewell 2007 January 1, 2008

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Tomorrow is another year, or at least tomorrow morning is. Until then, this is Dancing Bear signing off for 2007, my first full year home, the year Godot did and did not come to New Orleans and it did not matter because we we clung to each other, happy to wait here until the end. Until our next regularly unscheduled transmission, remember this: Music is your only friend until the end:

Before I slip into the big sleep I want to hear the scream of the butterfly.

The other side December 1, 2007

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Somewhere on the other side of the first set of the Jazz Vipers on Friday night is The Other Side. Once I knew the way there, the road to dawn, but now I’m just an observer. I see my self 20 or 30 years ago passing in front of me on my way to the bathroom or the fresh air outside. I wonder when I lost the key to that door.

Once I knew the way:

‘Twilight is the door between worlds.’
Who spoke those words?
I knew this once.
Now all my lore’s forgotten,
the incantations hidden in a pile of bills,
among the undone lists of mundane tasks,
the litter of responsibility.

Perhaps when I am old enough to not care anymore I will recover the secret key. Until then, I will be that old man in the corner who rejoices vicariously in dance of the young. Someday, I will remember how to break on through.

Stoned Immaculate July 29, 2007

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“…I love the friends I have gathered
Together here on this thin raft…”
— Jim Morrison

There is only one disease and I am it’s catalyst April 21, 2007

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cried doomed pride of the carrier.

Fighting, dancing, gambling,
bars, cinemas
thrive in the avid summer.