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Greed, Stupidity and Censorship September 27, 2015

Posted by The Typist in literature, Odd Words, Toulouse Street.
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To: The Facebook Ads Team:
I am about to post this week’s column Odd Words promoting literary events. I don’t believe a listing of over a dozen literary events must be limited to people to people over 21 because one of them takes place in a bar. I am dropping the targeting on my listings back to age 16, where it was for the longest time.
Having had many ads rejected, I fully understand your policies. However, many literary events take place where alcohol is served, or served as a refreshment. And because of your algorithms, the only way to actually reach the close to 1,000 people who have Liked my page is via advertising. Unless I refuse to divulge the location of certain events, it is effectively impossible for me to share them.
If you wish spend Banned Books Week in a very public debate on your platform and every other one on the Internet regarding your policy, and the inability of the people who screen your ads to discern the difference between promoting alcohol and promoting literature, then by all means go ahead and reject it.

Mark Folse
Odd Words


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