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Seven: The Never-Ending Mexican Chicken Breast Menu January 22, 2014

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Nobody wanted to cook, so we decided I’d pick up the Dominos large carryout special. At $8.60 with tax it didn’t seem an extravagance considering I’m unemployed. Was it the healthiest thing to eat? Probably not, but it was accessible,  convenient, and cheap. We had eaten tacos the night before, and while I was at Winn-Dixie I ran a quick tab on our prior night’s supper. The Mission Taco Kit was 2.99 but I had gotten it on sale earlier. Just over a pound of hamburger was over $6, so we busted the pizza budget even before we added cheese, lettuce and onion. We each probably ate 20 grams of fat from the hambuger and another 20 in cheese, so the pepperoni only put us 5 grams over the tacos. We had black olives and onions as well along the the Marinera sauce that contains 2 grams of sugar per serving, but I’m pretty sure the unlabeled mild taco sauce in the kit had sugar. My Valentio sauce is basically peppers and vinegar. For eight dolars I could have picked up meat and a box of Hamburger Helper but the second ingredient is corn starch, the fourth sugar, and the fifth salt. It could have been worse. Popeyes current special is hot wings with fries and a biscuit: two order for the same $8 plus tax. I know I could have gotten out of the Ideal store with enough Krispy Chicken, fries and biscuits to satisfy us for about the same.

This my friends is how poor America eats.

In theory an educated person like myself could have gone hunting and gathering for something healthier but my girl friend is allergic to seafood. The cheapest fish you can get today is tilapia. Go Google tilapia and feces. Yum. I could have gotten out of Winn-Dixie with a bag of frozen chicken breasts, at $10 enough for three meals. Toss in some frozen veggies and a bag sweet potatoes and I could have gotten out the door for about $20+. Good thing we have all of the illegal aliens who are at the root of contemporary America’s long-standing cheap food policy. Throw in the already bought olive oil and condiments for cooking the chicken and we’re probably under $8 but just how many nights are you going to eat the same thing? My girlfriend’s food stamp allocation for a single person on disability works out to just under $4 a day. Next time you’re in Rouses or Winn-Dixie repeat my $8 exercise, but come up with a meal plan for the week for $28. You’re going to be eating a lot of frozen chicken breasts. Pity the poor migrant who’s slaughtered and butchered the things all day and comes home to find chicken on his plate.

And we’d have to cook. Unemployed doesn’t mean I’m not busy: three plus hours on the phone with unemployment and job hunting, three more hours doing homework for my night classes, unplug the vacuum and finish that task, clean the catbox: without the idle chatter of the workplace, the trip out for a $4 cup of coffee and a real lunch hour, I’m pretty sure I worked at least as many productive hours as you did in your cubicle or office.

The new Whole Food on Broad promises to make healthy eating accessible and affordable. We’ll see. The company universaly known as whole paycheck isn’t somewhere I shop often. I go there for curry paste and naan for my son and I’s favorite meal (based on a Winn-Dixie bag of frozen chicken). That’s about it. We’ll see if I can get out of this new store with a reasonably tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare dinner for two for less than $10, even shopping for a week’s worth of food. I’m not counting on it.



1. cecile torbergsen - January 23, 2014

I enjoy your daily words, and wish to make a suggestion. In the last paragraph, how about “for me (or my) and my son’s favorite meal” instead of “my son and I’s…”. There’s no possessive version of “I”; furthermore, after any preposition, such as”to, of, into,from,with, for…”, you must use the objective,”me/my/mine…”or him/his,her/hers,them/their. “I”, “he”, “she” and “they” are usedfor the subjects of sentences. …just sayin’… Please keep up your insightful writings!



The Typist - January 23, 2014

When medieval Latin grammer collides with our mongrel Germanic language I tend to land on the side of Sound as long as I preserve Sense, with depest apologies to Sgrunk and White.


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