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Shit Is Fucked September 9, 2013

Posted by The Typist in Murder, New Orleans, NOLA, Toulouse Street, Violence, We Are Not OK.

Child Funeral

Every single day, someone comes to this blog searching for the victim of a murder in New Orleans. Some days, perhaps birthdays or the anniversary of a death, there are dozens of hits on the list of murder victims I have kept for the last several years. I have not finished last year’s list because it is just so fucking painful. We all have our crosses to bear. Why take up this particular one of cataloging the dead?

I ask myself that question, and then I see a photograph like this of Paris Samuels, age 2, looking at the casket of her sister, 13-month-old Londyn Samuels, who was murdered by gunfire on August 29, as reported by the New Orleans Advocate. And I think if I do not do something, I shall go mad.

Shit Is Fucked. The drunken scene from The Wire where McNulty and Bunk lament the state of their lives, their police work, the general inability to deal with a world gone mad.

We live in a city full of golum-hearted motherfuckers, and short of God going all Sodom and Gomorrah I have no idea how it ever ends.


1. Rachel Dangermond - September 9, 2013

I saw that photo posted by Frank Nitti from 106.7 and it just stopped me in my tracks. How tragic can tragic be?


2. The Typist - September 9, 2013

I just spiked my play;Murder Ballads (for now); part of trying to let go of some things because I’m carrying way too much right now. it was dedicated to Dedicated to Keira “Pooh Bear” Holmes, another lost child.


3. Susanna - September 9, 2013

Cataloging the dead, like visiting a cemetery, is a work of respect and love.


Doug - September 17, 2013

Amen. Very much so.


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