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Hypnotic Progression Therapy April 7, 2013

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The Magnificent Spiral No. 3 -- J. C. Laughlin

The Magnificent Spiral No. 3
John Clarence Laughlin

An icon of childhood memory, I cannot describe that spiral staircase in the gallery behind my great-aunts’ Royal Street apartment with any certainly. Is it as grand as I think it was, or simply amplified by the dimensions of my own smallness and the fog of memory? What remains is an ideal of the spiral or helical staircase; really the latter, with an opening instead of a newel pole. It is the view up that central shaft that gives such staircases the dizzying illusion of a gateway into the third dimension, neither the limit of a ceiling nor the infinite distance of the sky; not the abstract geometry of a tree for climbing but the precise spiral diminishing in perspective that lends a sense of motion toward a destination usually reserved for loose balloons.



1. Marco - April 8, 2013

This loose balloon can read your text characters more easily this a.m. Is it the bolding or the coffee?


2. Mark Folse - April 8, 2013

It’s the bold of a photo caption rather than the usual faint type. I love the layout too much to change it, although it bugs me sometimes, and lack the skills to customize it.


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