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Odd Words July 20, 2012

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, New Orleans, Odd Words, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

Well yes its Friday again not Thursday but the attendant has apparently left the ride unattended and as far as I stretch out toward that red lever like it was the old brass ring on the flying horses (long ago sent to the lawyer junkyard) I can’t quite reach it. But first: Learning to Type with the Raymond Carver method or What I Learned in Writing Class.

Quick, fox, jump the dog. Jump and run. The fox merged with the bloddy sunset. The dog, confused about what just happened, licked itself a few times and padded home for dinner.

& A Night of Poetry and Fiction featuring Aqueous Books, Ampersand Books, Prick of the Spindle Literary Journal will be at the mothership Uptown location of Maple Street Books for A Night of Poetry and Fiction on July 25th. The authors are all affiliated with one of these presses: Aqueous Books (New Orleans), Ampersand Books (St. Petersburg, Florida), and Prick of the Spindle Literary Journal. (Do I get my Ampersand Evangelist merit badge now?) Participating Readers include:

  • Carissa Halton, from her novella, The Mere Weight of Words (Aqueous Books, June 2012)1
  • Ben Rogers, from his novel, The Flamer (Aqueous Books, February 2012)
  • Derrick Medina, poetry featured in Prick of the Spindle literary journal
  • Clark Theriot, New Orleans-based author, reading his flash fiction piece Mr. Fix-It
  • Thaddeus Conti, New Orleans-based poet
  • Benjamin Lowenkron, Baton Rouge-based poet
  • Eric Elliot, poetry from his collection, The Graves We Dig (Ampersand Books, 2011)
  • Carrie Causey, poetry from her collection, Ear to the Wall (Ampersand Books, 2012)

&OMG there is nothing else going on in the bookstores this week! If you don’t rush and buy a book right now they may all close their doors and you’ll be stuck going to Barnes and Noble in Near Kenner or, if you don’t have a car, taking the Esplanade/Jackson to WalMart and picking something from that wonderful selection just outside electronics. (Chicken Soup for the Soul of Those Who Have Just Lost Their Ferret looks new and interesting). (And there are lots of books with guys on the cover who look like they have just gone through The Incredible Hulk transformation and absolutely no books with topless women.) And really, if you don’t buy more books than you can read how are you going to pass the time during the zombie apocalypse?

& At the Maple Leaf on Sunday Poet Kim Vodicka reads from and signs her new book, Aesthesia Balderash (Trembling Pillow Press 2012) 3ish in the back patio Sunday, July 22.

& Spoken Word New Orleans Speak Easy Sundays Poetry at the Club Caribbean 2441 Bayou Road at 7 p.m. Cover. Visit their website for updates on other spoken words and visiting artists all around town.

That’s it. I’m serious. So what book are you going to buy this week and what book are you going to read?



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