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Not To Do List June 2, 2012

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, NOLA, The Narrative, The Typist, Toulouse Street.

Saturdays are peculiar. No work and a long list of things to do. Where I live there is a triangle park across from the Laundromat. A short walk around the corner there is also a wine store, two groceries and a book shop. People think us lazy and shiftless, always for pleasure, which is why they buy tickets and come here in droves. It is your civic duty not to disappointment even if duty is not the order of the day.

All of the trees in that park have names, some botanical and one of them your’s.

You could run to the dollar store and buy more underwear but that verges dangerously close to on a chore. Your filing system consists of various, carefully organized piles of paper on the floor from which you could pluck anything you need in a moment, and your laundry basket overflows on top of the plastic filing bin. Consider the chaos stacking those piles of paper into one so you could vacuum would cause.

Some poor sod is out there delivering pizza or Chinese but one day this week will be his Saturday. Your tip could pay for a bottle of wine and a book.

Pour another cup of coffee and sit on your stoop talking to your chatty neighbor. Admire the colorful birds and pity their restlessness. After some indeterminate time assess what is in your drawers and in your closet. Dump the dirty clothes into a pile and sort them into the necessary and what can wait. Somewhere it is probably early to open a bottle of beer while the laundry tumbles but you don’t live there. Think how it will facilitate a nap later.

Don’t forget to bring a book.



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