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Odd Words May 3, 2012

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.

Coffee. Papers. Coffee. Study guides. Coffee. Try to sleep. Read and study. No more coffee.

& On Thursday 17 Poets presents a Birthday Celebration for Dave Brinks (May 3), and also Benjamin Morris (May 7) featuring Poet DAVE BRINKS w/ THE POET OF NEW ORLEANS BRASS BAND. The evening starts with a casual reception at 7 p.m. featuring complimentary wine and beer and red beans by Megan Burns. The Poet Brass Band starts at 8:05, Benjamin Morris reads at 8:40 and Dave Brinks at 9:05 p.m. This being poets, I expect those times to be rigorously obscured observed.

& Co-author of New Orleans: The Underground Guide, Michael Patrick Welch, will be hosted by the Maple Street Healing Center outside Cafe Istanbul on Saturday, May 5, 2012, 11:00 A.M.

& On Tuesday Garden District Bookshop will feature Robert Olmstead’s riveting new novel, ” a passionate story of love and war, it is a timeless story of soldiers coming home to a country with little regard for, and even less knowledge of, what they’ve confronted.” May 9 and 5:30 pm.

& New Orleans’s own Ben Sandmel will be at the Healing Center location Wednesday, May 9, from 6:30-8:00 to sign and discuss his new book, Ernie K-Doe: The R&B Emperor of New Orleans

& Here’s the second weekend of Jazz Fest Book Tent guests:

May 3rd – Thursday

1 – 2:00PM — Ann Benoit, Broussard’s Restaurant & Courtyard Cookbook
2 – 3:00PM — Moira Crone, The Not Yet
3 – 4:00PM — Alison Fensterstock, Definition of Bounce: Between Ups and Downs in New Orleans

May 4th– Friday

12 – 1:00PM — Tom Fitzmorris, Lost Restaurants of New Orleans
1 – 2:00PM — Laura Rowland, Ronin’s Mistress
2 – 3:00PM — Jeremie Gersin, New Orleans Sojourn
3 – 4:00PM — Sherry Alexander — Courtroom Carnival
4 – 5:00PM — Jim Nolan, Higher Ground
5 – 6:00PM — West Freeman, Garden District of New Orleans

May 5th – Saturday
12-1:00PM — Robert Jeanfreau, Story Behind the Stone
1 – 2:00PM — Constance Adler, My Bayou
2 – 3:00PM — Alex Cook, Louisiana Saturday Night
3 – 4:00PM — Tom Piazza, Devils Sent The Rain
4 – 5:00PM — Keith Spera, Groove Interrrupted

May 6th – Sunday

12 – 1:00PM — Cornell Landry, Happy Mardi Gras, Happy Jazz Fest, Goodnight NOLA, One Dat Two Dat
2 – 3:00PM — Mary Richardson, Open Your Heart and Let Love In
3 – 4:00PM — Ben Sandmel, Ernie K-Doe
5 – 6:00PM — Members of the Treme cast will be signing the Season 2 DVD. Included will be: David Simon, Eric Overmyer, Lucia Micarelli, Steve Zahn and 2 other unconfirmed staff members.


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