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Are We Here Yet? May 1, 2012

Posted by The Typist in Fortin Street, New Orleans, The Narrative, Toulouse Street.

” “Landscape is destiny.”
Ron Rash

“I’ve been to a lot of festivals but this one is so dirty.” “Chicken wings and cigarette butts like wildflowers in the grass. Neutral grounds of oleander and clover. A man picking aluminum like fallen apples. Groceries precariously balanced on a bicycle. Knowing someone who went to school with a fresh acquaintance.. The voluntary segregation of downtown bus stops. “Can I buy a cigarette?” “Better pick them okras while they small.” Tourists in their summer beads. The flowers of winter. Deconstruction by cat’s claw. The doric column The afternoon cocktail. The midnight cigarette. The whir of street cars. The summer of cicadas. Summer thunderstorms regular as church bells. Cars stalled fording Willow. School bands practicing in the street. A trumpet and a bucket. Robin egg fedora, suit and shoes on Sunday. Red beans on Monday. Walking slowly in the shade. Sitting on the stoop and visiting. Landscape without heroic mountains. Still life with beer can. Tomorrow ever comes. It can wait.


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