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Odd Words Doesn’t Go To Jazz Fest (But You Should) April 28, 2012

Posted by The Typist in books, Fortin Street, New Orleans, Odd Words, Toulouse Street.

at least to check out the events at the Book Tent this year:

April 28th – Saturday

Tom Piazza 1 – 2:00PM
Devil Sent The Rain

Keith Spera 2 – 3:00PM
Groove Interrupted

*Al Kennedy 4 – 5:00PM
Big Chief Harrison and the Mardi Gras Indians

Peggy Scott LaBorde 5 – 6:00PM
Lost Restaurants of New Orleans

April 29th – Sunday

Alden Taylor 12 – 1:00PM
Harry Taylor Who Dat Dog

*Johnette Downing 1 – 2:00PM
Why The Oyster Has the Pearl

Ben Sandmel 3 – 4:00PM
Ernie K-Doe

Larry Powell 4 – 5:00PM
Accidental City

John Klingman 5 – 6:00PM
New In New Orleans Architecture

Second Weekend — May 3rd – Thursday

Ann Benoit 1 – 2:00PM
Broussard’s Restaurant & Courtyard Cookbook

Moira Crone 2 – 3:00PM
The Not Yet

Alison Fensterstock 3 – 4:00PM
Definition of Bounce: Between Ups and Downs in New Orleans

May 4th– Friday

Tom Fitzmorris 12 – 1:00PM
Lost Restaurants of New Orleans

Laura Rowland 1 – 2:00PM
Ronin’s Mistress

Jeremie Gersin 2 – 3:00PM
New Orleans Sojourn

Sherry Alexander 3 – 4:00PM
Courtroom Carnival

Jim Nolan 4 – 5:00PM
Higher Ground

West Freeman 5 – 6:00PM
Garden District of New Orleans

May 5th – Saturday

Robert Jeanfreau 12-1:00PM
Story Behind the Stone

Constance Adler 1 – 2:00PM
My Bayou

Alex Cook 2 – 3:00PM
Louisiana Saturday Night

Tom Piazza 3 – 4:00PM
Devils Sent The Rain

* Keith Spera 4 – 5:00PM
Groove Interrrupted

May 6th – Sunday

Cornell Landry 12 – 1:00PM
Happy Mardi Gras, Happy Jazz Fest, Goodnight NOLA, One Dat Two Dat

Mary Richardson 2 – 3:00PM
Open Your Heart and Let Love In

* Ben Sandmel 3 – 4:00PM
Ernie K-Doe

Errol Barron 5 – 6:00PM
New Orleans Observed

* Indicates an interview or performance is scheduled prior to the booksigning and the booksigning will be mentioned

Treme staff and actors will be signing the second season DVD in one of the empty slots. I will notify you as soon as I know what day.

Odd Words Readers should stop by the Fortin Street Stage on your way toward the side gate. I got water. I got cold beer. I got red beans. I got good red beans.



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