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April 28, 2012

Posted by The Typist in Fortin Street, Jazz Fest, Murder, New Orleans, The Narrative, Toulouse Street.

If you open a beer while making boudin for breakfast at, oh, 11:30 it must be Jazz Fest on Fortin Street. The mini Bose are in the window playing Crescent City Soul Vol. 3 and 4. I found these disks in the Fargo library and promptly burned myself a copy. Someone had stolen Vol. 1 and 2 already. When I priced them I found out why. Out of print, they go for about $400, more if the box they came in is in what book sellers call Fine condition.

This is not a bad way to enjoy Jazz Fest, sitting on the stoop hearing the music loud and clear and watching people go by. The crowds fun watching them pass by the house instead of elbowing your way through a beer or food line. People look at the sign and stop to take a picture and talk. It’s friendlier out here on the perimeter.

And I’m closer to the Blues Stage than you’ll ever be in this lifetime.

Brother Tyrone & the Mindbenders are up on the Blues Tent stage, maybe 50 feet from my stoop so I’m saving Vol. 4 for the next break. Better to check the beans and plant myself in the V.I.P* section of the Fortin Street Stage. Last year no one ate the four pounds of red beans because everyone comes out full, but I figure my neighbor Jimmy and I will have lunch.

* Very Intense Proximity.


1. Karen K. - April 28, 2012

Always happy to see a shout out to the Fargo Public Library! I think I used to do some of your Interlibrary Loan. Now I read your blog. 🙂


2. Marco - April 29, 2012

The price is down to $100 like new @Amazon.


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