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Odd Words April 5, 2012

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, New Orleans, Odd Words, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

Fans of outlaw poetry are going to want to rush over and start downloading the images of Fuck You – A Magazine of the Arts edited by Ed Sanders in the early 1960s. It is not all outlaw W.H. Auden joins Charles Olson, Philip Whalen, Gregory Corso, Gary Snyder, Pound, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Antonin Artaud and Robert Duncan in these pages. (My copies are coming down as I type).

It’s a day off but I have to take a car out for a body repair estimate and then I have booked some serious book and nap time all through today, and I don’t want to miss a page or a single Z so let’s get right down to business.

& You last chance to see ruth weiss (no, she doesn’t capitalize her name) is tonight at 17 Poets! at 7 p.m., an earlier than usual start time. One of the last surviving members of the Beat move and a noted jazz poet, she will be joined by THE POET OF NEW ORLEANS BRASS BAND. If you missed her Tuesday at the Black Widow Salon (I did; drat) or last night then you need to get yourself down to the Goldmine Saloon early to snag a good seat.

& On Thursday McKeown’s Books and Difficult Music hosts their non-fiction book club discussion. It’s a different sort of book club, where members bring their own recent or favorite non-fiction books and the discussion goes from there. Thursday, April 5 at 4737 Tchoupitoulas starting at 7 p.m.

& Also on Thursday the Maple Leaf Book Shop Healing Center location on St. Claude welcomes Pamela Davis-Noland discussing, reading, and signing her book Coffee Colored Dreams, described as “a beautiful and engaging story. It speaks to the part of the human soul that wants to love and be loved. This book had so many messages and mantras entwined within it’s pages. Self-respect,self-esteem, self-love,holding out for love. Healing our hearts,following our hearts,and giving our hearts. Listening to our elders and respecting them.” Thursday, April 5 at 6 p.m.

& Another Thursday event: Octavia Books will present Lawrence N. Powell and his book THE ACCIDENTAL CITY: Improvising New Orleans, “the story of a city that shouldn’t exist”. His book covers the period from settlement through 1812, the time of “intense imperial rivalries of Spain, France, and England, and the ambitious, entrepreneurial merchants and settlers from four continents who risked their lives to succeed in colonial America, this unpromising site became a crossroads for the whole Atlantic world.” Thursday, April 5 at 6 p.m.

& On Friday we round up the usual suspects and put them up against the wall of poetry: spokenwordnola.com’s weekly event at the Red Star Gallery on Bayou Road at 9 pm and the No Love Lost Poetry Reading at the Love Lost Lounge at 5:30 pm. Take you pick, or take two for the same price, as NLLP doesn’t charge a cover.

& Saturday the Latter Memorial Library will host Poets Reading Poets, an annual feature of their monthly poetry series under the direction of poet Gina Ferrara. (I need to come up with something to read, but it’s almost Bob Kaufman’s birthday which might make that easy). A galaxy of local notables have signed up on read so it should be a splendid event. Saturday April 7 at 2 p.m. at the Latter Memorial Library.

& Also on Saturday at Maple Street Book Shop’s Healing Center location Mr. Robert Jeanfreau, author of The Story Behind Stone, will share “the truth (ominous music playing) about some of our NOLA monuments.” Saturday, April 7 at 3 p.m.

& On Sunday at the Maple Leaf Bar Poetry Series the explosive and unpredictable Sulla reads from his newest poems (or so he told me on the bus the other day) followed by an open mic. Threeish, after everyone settles in with a drink, in the back patio weather permitting. Otherwise, reading around a pool table by barlights is an experience not to be missed.

Sunday Garden District Bookshop will host Robert Olmstead and his new novel The Coldest Night, ” a passionate story of love and war, it is a timeless story of soldiers coming home to a country with little regard for, and even less knowledge of, what they’ve confronted. Through his hero, Olmstead reveals an unspoken truth about combat: that for many men, the experience of war is the most enlivening, electric, and extraordinary experience of their lives.” Monday April 9 at 5:30 p.m.

& This has to be a fascinating book (he says, glancing back at the unread shelf which seems to stare back): Alexandra Styron will discuss her book, Reading My Father, a memoir of a childhood in an intellectually glittering, artistically engaged and emotionally precarious household of her father William Styron, the charming bon vivant undone by depression, the gifted and prolific writer whose long struggle to finish his final novel may have imperiled his sanity. Tuesday, April 10 at 6 p.m. at the Maple Street Book Shop Uptown location.

& Suzanne Johnson’s Royal Street kicks off a brand-new urban fantasy series set in New Orleans, written by a native of Louisiana. While the novel deals respectfully with the disaster of Katrina, the book offsets the serisouness of the setting with a heroine with a sense of humor, a good pace, and a cast of intriguing supernatural characters. At Garden District Bookshop, Tuesday April 10 at 5:30 p.m.

& Next Thursday, Maple Street’s Healing Center location will host Frank Perez and Jeffrey Palmquist will discuss and sign their book In Exile: The History and Lore Surrounding New Orleans Gay Culture and Its Oldest Gay Bar. Thursday, April 12 at 6 p.m.

& Also next Thursday, Garden District Bookshop hosts Lawrence Powell and his book The Accidental City: Improvising New Orleans tracing New Orleans’ history in its earliest years from its founding through statehood. come meet Messrs. Iberville and Bienville and a host of other fascinating characters Thursday, April 12 at 5:30 p.m.

If you have something going on and I missed it, its not for lack of trying. Send your events from tomorrow through the zombie apocalypse to odd.words.nola@gmail.com to make sure its not missed. If I don’t see you out at one of these events, let me remind you that I am a Registered Agent of Santa in charge of keeping the local naughty list. You have been warned.



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