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Odd Words February 17, 2012

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, New Orleans, NOLA, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

OK, I really should be at the library doing research since my Chaucer professor just reminded the entire class yesterday our final term paper abstract is due in three weeks. I really need to get over there before people start checking things out. I seem to be riding into uncharted territory which will make it harder than it ought to be, but I think I’m on to something and I can’t resist. Why go back to school at my age if not to challenge oneself? It’s not just the severance with retraining, to to try to find a place in my small apartment to hang a bit of framed sheep’s skin or wear some silly ring. The whole idea is to challenge my writing mind into new directions, which is why I’m also taking Writing American Nature, a Special Topics course one third of the students of which are graduate students. (The same is true of my Chaucer course).

The professor teaching the Special Topics course asked us to send him an email explaining why we chose the course. I gave him two reasons. The first was to understand the techniques of nature writing as I might employ them in my own writing about the urban environment. I sent him a few blog pieces and he said he enjoyed them very much, so there’s that. Then there is a desire to understand the American mind as separate from the Creole, Pan-Caribbean mindset of New Orleans. (I think I might have mentioned something about approaching the latter from the the point of view of a “die-hard New Orleans exceptionalist, with every bit of Gallic chavinism I can muster). At least he like the essays from here and Wet Bank Guide.

That said, onto the listings.

We are into parade listings and the bookstores mostly have their Carnival schedules posted and nothing coming up this week. I did a book signing at Maple Street Book Shop a few years back on the first weekend of Carnival and got a decent turnout, but this is the Big Weekend.

Friday night is the regular Red Star Gallery spoken word event, but you might want to check their web site later today just to be sure. On Bayou Road, doors open at nine with a cover.

Friday should also feature the regular No Love Lost poetry reading at the Love Lost Lounge starting at 5:30. Again, things may change because of Carnival but hey, it’s Jazz Happy Hour in front and he plays a lot of Thelonious Monk, so why not go check it out either way?

Miss Maureen of Maple Street will be doing her regular Saturday kid lit gig at 10:00 A.M. at the Healing Center location and at 11:00 A.M. at Fight the Stupids Central on Maple Street. I don’t normal do kids lit but its a slow week and you may have small children and not know about this regular Saturday morning event. If so, check the details here.

Update: Nope, there’s no meeting of the Haiku Society this week. I’m trying to find out if the New Orleans Haiku Society will be having their regular meeting on Lundi Gras and will update this listing if I found out they’re not. (The Latter Memorial Library is right on the parade route so my guess is probably not). If they’ve rescheduled, look for it here at the home of Odd Words.

I suspect that the Writer’s Block will go ahead Monday night at 9 p.m. on the amphitheater steps across from Jackson Square. If you show up and no one else does, don’t be afraid to declaim to the passing tourists, but watching for flying beads.

Octavia Books will get right back into the game next Thursday with a presentation and book signing with CNN weather anchor Bonnie Schneider featuring her new book, EXTREME WEATHER: A Guide to Surviving Flash Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Snowstorms, Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters. Which reminds me its time to start eating through my hurricane survival box or at least make sure the sort of dehydrated stuff in there doesn’t expire for a few years. (Yum).

Garden District Books is only a few blocks from the parade route and lying low until March, when they will really kick the chocks out so look for a lot of listings starting in a week or so.

Next Thursday 17 Poets hosts a triple header featuring JOHN SINCLAIR, PIERRE JORIS and NICOLE PEYRAFITTE at the Goldmine on Thursday, Feb 23, 7:30pm). Sinclair is always great to see but I caught Nicole Peyrafitt at the Goldmine last year and her performance poetry is not to be missed.

That’s it. I’m off to the darkest recesses of the Earl K. Long Library where the books on medieval drama and literature are kept. I probably should pop a Claritan before I venture into all that dust and spider web. I will keep this quote in mind to sooth and encourage me.

I venture to suggest this solution to the ancient problem: The Library is unlimited and cyclical. If an eternal traveler were to cross it in any direction, after centuries he would see that the same volumes were repeated in the same disorder (which, thus repeated, would be an order: the Order). My solitude is gladdened by this elegant hope.
Jorge Luis Borges



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