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Odd Words January 18, 2012

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, New Orleans, Odd Words, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

“And he bigan with right a mytire cheer/His tale anon, and sey as ye may heere.”

So wryte this weeke’s colum or rede Chaucer. (Onley ete pages and namo).

You do the math. In Middle English. (Who knows how Chaucer spells numbers. I’m not that far in.) Such is the life of a 54 year old returning English Major.


I guess I owe everyone a listing column, so lets bigyn. At least its qyeet with namuch goyng on. And Chaucer is in the public domain, so the SOPA ninjas won’t be crashing thorugh my roof like that scene in Brazil when they take poor Buttle.

& On Friday Octavia hosts a reading and signing to celebrate Andrea Cremer’s, BLOODROSE, the new and final book in her international bestselling Nightshade Trilogy. Are wolves going to displace vampires atop the best seller list? Stop by and find out.

Um, and that’s about it at the bookstores although all have busy schedules ahead.

“But natheless, wil I hve tyme and space,/er that I ferther in this tale pace…”


& Friday’s The Redstar Gallery hosts its weekly spoken word event. Doors at 9, admission $5 with a college ID, $7 without.

& On Sunday at the Maple Leaf Bar (“and wel to drink us leste”) features Poet Radomir Luza reads from his work followed by an open mic.

& This and every Monday the Writer’s Block meets on the amphitheater steps across from Jackson Square for poetry and any other performance you choose. Well, maybe not juggling chain saws, unless you recite a villanelle on the subject while you do. It’s cold out, so check the Facebook page to make sure everyone hasn’t decided to stay in where it warm or just bring their warmth with then in cup.
“Now preye I to hem alle that herkne this litel tretys or rede…if ther be any thyng that displese hem, I preye hem also that they arrette it to the defaute of my unkonnynge and nat to my wyl, tha wold ful faynehavfe seyd bettre if I hadde had koonynge.”

Uh, Clem, you’re making not making Dr. Spellchecker unhappy happy.



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