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Word. January 2, 2012

Posted by The Typist in 504ever, Bloggers, music, New Orleans, Theater, Toulouse Street.

Of the Lord (Lord David, that is) from The Truth and Other Lies. If you don’t read his blog, consider yourself woefully under-informed and your opinions beneath notice.

I find myself closer to a Stepford/Mayberry in Hell reality than I ever thought possible for the City of New Orleans…

Join me in the following year, if you dare, in going out to see music that MATTERS; from the Soul Rebels to Ratty Scurvics & the Black Market Butchers, or Dr John sitting in with JD Hill at the St Roch Tavern.

Patronize amazing local theater at out-of-the-way places like Allways Lounge & Marigny Theater, the Shadow Box theater or Otter’s Backyard Ballroom, rather than more commercial endeavors, like Professional Douche Bag, Pres Kabacoff’s, ugly little orange mall..

Gird your loins appropriately, folks, and head on out.
Life in this city is dangerous.
Its complicated.
It’s amazing & it’s beautiful.
In the final measure, for me, it’s the only way to go.


1. Mzell - January 3, 2012

Mark, since you didn’t include the part that proceeded the Lord’s civic arts resolution, the railing against Irvin Mayfield’s NOJO New Year’s show, I will say this: Not having heard the particular show in question, every Mayfield-related performance I actually have heard, from Los Hombres Calientes at FQ Fest to a Cathedral Christmas show to NOJO at Jazz Fest and on and on have been nothing but stellar to the point of world-class. Mayfield is a soft target for his library and developer involvement certainly, but Lord David tends to come off like either whiny asshole or clarion call, and this post is heavy on the former. One problem in NOLA is the whiny assholes that have to fuss about absolutely everything, so one who willingly defines himself as such places himself beneath notice.


Mark Folse - January 4, 2012

I respect Lord David a great deal for what he has done to organize the Marigny/Bywater arts and craft community, working with City Hall after some of the egrediously stupid things that happened like the raid on the annual costume bazaar. He’s more of a hot head by nature than a whiner. I didn’t hear the particular broadcast so I can’t speak to his comments on that directly (which is why I didn’t quote them), but if ‘OZ was broadcasting what amounted to MOR music on one of the biggest party nights of the year I’d be disapointed, too.


2. Mzell - January 3, 2012

Sorry, “preceded.”


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