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Xmas Adam December 23, 2011

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, NOLA, Toulouse Street, Xmas, Yule.

Its Christmas Adam, I used to tell the children. They would roll their eyes. Because Adam came before Eve, I added. Whatever.

It may be my favorite made up holiday, better than Festivus, but I am the busiest unemployed person I know: call back two recruiters and the man about the apartment up the street (which means it’s mine if I want it). Then I’m off to pick up a turkey ordered from Whole Foods in Metairie, just across from Lakeside, on the Friday before Christmas. What was I thinking? Then Rouse’s for the making of Indian corn. Does Whole Foods even sell creamed corn? Even if they do, Rouse’s will be cheaper, but the idea of doubling up on check-out lines this close to Christmas is daunting.

I have to run my daughter to work, wrap presents, pick her up again later, and somewhere in there pick up the apartment before my son comes Monday, vacuum at least the front room where he spends all his time on the sleeper sofa (unless, of course, I take that two bedroom apartment). Moving even my few sticks of furniture is not on the list of holiday worries. Don’t think about it.

Tomorrow I will go with my mother and sister to Revillion dinner at ‘, at 3:30 pm, the best reservation I could manage because I always think about doing this two weeks before Christmas. Next year, I resolve, I will call at Thanksgiving. And quit smoking. And lose 30 pounds. Yeah, right.

If I survive all this I can look forward to a quiet holiday night, maybe drive around and look at some of the holiday lights, a coffee traveler of hot buttered rum in the cup holder, except that Rouse’s is sold out of allspice since Thanksgiving and never restocks before Christmas. (Add to resolutions: buy allspice before Thanksgiving). Then I can finally settle down for a long winter’s nap.

Or I could look up who’s playing on Frenchman tonight (add to resolutions: drink less coffee), imagine some trumpeter’s singing is the gravel-gargling voice of Pops doing Christmas Time in New Orleans because, well, it is.



1. Rachel Dangermond - December 23, 2011

Happy holidays and I’m joining you in the ranks of the unemployed in a matter of days. But I’m optimistic because anything has got to be better than what it was, something like what it is, perhaps? Meanwhile, we didn’t get our glass of wine because I had the ongoing beast that arrived two months ago and was a cling on – but I think I just need to drink wine now because – maybe we could get a hot toddy sometime between now and NY.


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