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Odd Words’ Fringe Fest Curtain Call: ‘Shylock’ Reviewed November 21, 2011

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, Odd Words, Toulouse Street.
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My last review for NOLA Defender from Fringe Fest is up front and center. Shylock was such an amazing play it deserves the placement. It’s just too bad it only had a two night run as it deserved an SRO week. I neglected to call out the director, Elsa Dimitriadis, who deserves her share of the credit for such an excellent production.

Reviews of local plays is a new thing, but I’m having so much fun doing it look for more reviews either on the blog or on other local sites. The weekend of reviewing started with a play I had to pan, but I had the privilege of covering an amazing night of performance poetry at Writing the Edge and to finish with Shylock was a treat. Sadly I couldn’t manage a whirlwind weekend of plays as I did last year but if I had tried that and writing reviews, I’d probably be convalescing somewhere in an oxygen tent on a B-12 and steroid drip by now.

Out of the three events I covered two were solid hits so I have to say it a wonderful Fringe Fest here on Toulouse Street. A big thanks to Ben and Stephen at NOLA Defender for adding me to their reviewing corps (and it takes a corps of talented people to cover as many events as NoDef managed from the extensive Fringe schedule).


1. Glenn Meche - November 21, 2011

Two outta three … that’s good 😉


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