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“This probably should go really badly” — Roy Blount Jr. and James Wilcox at the Louisiana Book Festival November 11, 2011

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Here at last is the full podcast of Roy Blount, Jr.’s conversation with James Wilcox, winner of the Louisiana Book Award, at the 2011 Louisiana Book Festival, delayed these weeks by some technical challenges having to do with trying to edit large media files on a computer better suited to giving to your three year old for to use to play on Barbie.com.

Blount’s prognostication quoted in the title of this post held perfectly true as the two men romped through Wilcox’s career, the confusion and conflict that drive his comic novels. They touched such questions as whether one is a Junior or simply shares a father’s first name, or what the nuns at Wilcox’s Catholic school thought of their president of the Catholic Youth Organization playing organ in the Methodist Church, entered into Wilcox’s storytelling. Oh, and the time Wilcox was robbed of a tooth at gunpoint in Manhattan by a couple of very chic muggers.

I think you will enjoy it as much as those of us in attendance did.

Click to play Blount-Wilcox Interview podcas



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