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Everybody was Kung Fu Writing October 4, 2011

Posted by The Typist in books, Odd Words, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

“[Bruce Lee’s] poetry tends to focus on the longing for the beloved and the incompletion of the self. In Eastern thought, this is actually not depressing subject matter, for it simply infers to the completion and dependent harmony of things: the material and the immaterial, the yin, the yang…”

Yes you read that right. That Bruce Lee.

“To the Western world, Kung-Fu means kicking the bejeezus out of stuff and smashing boards with your noggin and fighting dudes named after knives with knives and doing the splits while you whomp a dude in the gonads and generally just doing a lot of violent and destructive motions that make you a “man”. But “kung-fu” literally translates to “human achievement”. To practice Kung-Fu did not originally pertain to a martial art, it refers to the process of one’s training, to the strengthening of one’s skills, to the perfection and intersection of mind and body. A chef’s kung-fu is in his/her preparation of their ingredients, not in their Iron Chef impression. A poet’s kung-fu is in their practice, in their imitations, in their reading and their reviewing of poetry.”

I am starting Tai Chi again shortly, and from my first studies of that art I learned the proper way to bow to one’s master. In Kung Fu (to which Tai Chi is related), one makes a fist with one hand, and places a flat hand over the fist. This represents a book. These are are about the perfection of yourself, not the destruction of others, in spite of all of the horrible movies (and the handful of wonderful ones) that portray it otherwise.

“Since You Left”
by Bruce Lee

My boat glides down the tranquil river,
Beyond the orchard which borders the bank.

I leave you my poems.
Read them.


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