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Literary History at the Goldmine Saloon September 1, 2011

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.

As promised, here’s the complete announcement and catalog of works on display tonight, Thursday Sept. 1 at 7 p.m. at 17 Poets at the Goldmine Saloon, corner of Dauphine and St. Peter Sts. in the French Quarter.

“Magazines have come and gone, people have come and gone, and so much of what we were intensely into has become only a flickering memory.”
— Tom Dent

On Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 7:00PM, the GOLD MINE SALOON and 17 Poets! Literary & Performance Series will host an OPEN DISCUSSION and EXHIBIT featuring dozens of “original” NEW ORLEANS LITERARY publications (books, magazines & other epherma) relating to the Crescent City’s HISTORICAL contributions to AMERICAN ARTS & LETTERS.

Please join us for this EVENT featuring many of the MOST PROMINENT PRACTITIONERS of the PAST and TODAY as we present an OPEN DISCUSSION by distinguished artists, poets, writers & scholars who’ve been central to the act of ARTS & LETTERS in New Orleans, including KALAMU YA SALAAM, LEE MEITZEN GRUE, DENNIS FORMENTO, DR. JERRY W. WARD, RODGER KAMENETZ, MONA LISA SALOY, JOHN CLARK, NANCY HARRIS, JOHN TRAVIS, RALPH ADAMO, BILL LAVENDER, NANCY DIXON, JIM CASS and many others from the New Orleans community.

This event will be followed by poetry reading featuring GINA FERRARA (celebrating her d-day!) and OPEN MIC hosted by Jimmy Ross. Sign-up for Open Mic begins at 7:00 p.m. For more info please visit 17 Poets! Literary & Performance Series website: http://www.17poets.com

The Gold Mine Saloon is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans at the corner of Dauphine and St. Peter St. (701 Dauphine Street).

—Some of the NEW ORLEANS RELATED PUBLICATIONS featured in this EXHIBIT will include:

NOLA (1840’s)
CREOLE VOICES ed. by Edward Maceo Coleman, 1945; A Centennial Edition celebrating LES CENELLES, the first African-American anthology of poetry published in New Orleans in 1845, ed. by Armand Lanusse.

NOLA (1850’s)
Mysteries of New Orleans by Baron Ludwig von Reizenstein, 1854-55.

NOLA (1870’s)
Old Creole Days by George Washington Cable, 1879.
The New Orleans of Lafcadio Hearn featuring illustrated sketches from the Daily City Item.

NOLA (1880’s)
Gombo Zhebes by Lafcadio Hearn, 1885.
Chita, A Memory of last Island by Lafcadio Hearn, 1888.

NOLA (1890’s)
The Goodness of St. Rocque and Other Stories by Alice Dunbar, 1899.
The Grandissimes by George Washington Cable, 1899.

NOLA (1910’s)
KRAZY KAT: The Comic Art of George Herriman, 1913.

NOLA (1920’s)
Double Dealer, Issue 2; ed. by Julius Weis Friend and Basil Thompson, 1921.

NOLA (1930’s)
Blues: A Bisexual Monthly ed. by Parker Tyler and Charles Henri Ford, 1933.

NOLA (1940’s)
Iconograph, Issue 3 and Supplement; ed. by Kenneth L. Beaudoin, 1946.

NOLA (1950’s)
Old French Quarter News ed. by Bruce Lippincott, 1950.
CLIMAX: A Creative Review in the Jazz Spirit, Issues 1 and 2; ed. by Robert Cass, 1955-56.
New Orleans Poetry Journal Press ed. by Maxine Cassin, various titles 1956-1982.

NOLA (1960’s)
Outsider, Issues 1,2,3 and 4/5; ed. by John and Louise Webb, 1961-63, 1968-69.
A Touch of Recognition by Maxine Cassin, 1962.
Order and Chaos by Henry Miller, Loujon Press, 1966.
No Big Thing ed. by Eugene M. Turk, 1967.
The Free Southern Theater ed. by Tom Dent, Richard Schechner and Gilbert Moses, 1969.
NOLA EXPRESS ed. by Darlen Fife and Robert Head, 1969.
After Word Comes Weird by Darlene Fife and Robert Head, 1969.
Dancing by Al Young, 1969.
Groove, Bang, And Jive Around by Steve Cannon, 1969.
New Laurel Review founded by Alice Claudel and ed. by Lee Meitzen Grue, 1960’s to present.

NOLA (1970’s)
Insomnia or The Devil at Large by Henry Miller, Loujon Press, 1970.
Magnolia Street by Tom Dent, 1972.
The Black Collegian ed. by Kalamu ya Salaam, 1974.
nkombo, Issue 9; ed. by Kalamu ya Salaam and Tom Dent, 1974.
Why I Live in the Forest by James Nolan, 1974.
Barataria, Issues 1-4; ed. by Louis Gallo and Ralph Adamo, 1974.
Distaff: Forum for Southern Women ed. by Mary Gehman, 1975.
Sadness at the Private University by Ralph Adamo, 1977.
French Quarter Poems by Lee Meitzen Grue, 1979.

NOLA (1980’s)
Southern Black Cultural Newsletter, Issue 1; ed. by Tom Dent, 1980.
What Moves Is Not the Wind by James Nolan, 1980.
Quilt, Issue 1; ed. by Al Young and Ishmael Reed, 1981.
Blue Lights and Other River Songs by Tom Dent, 1982.
Fell Swoop ed. by Joel Dailey, 1983 to present.
Songbook by Everette Maddox, 1982.
NIGHTSEASONS by Peter Cooley, 1983.
Charlemagne: A Song of Gestures by John Gery, 1983.
Exquisite Corpse ed. by Andrei Codrescu, 1987-2005.
Maple Leaf Rag Anthology ed. by John Travis, 1980 to present.
Autopsy by Kay Murphy, 1985.
BODY AND SOUL by Julie Kane, 1987.
Contours for Ritual by Martha McFerren, 1988.
A History of Women and New Orleans ed. by Mary Gehman and Nancy Ries, 1988.
Blue Print by Yictove, 1989.
The Ape Woman Story by Nancy Harris, 1989.
Portals Press ed. by John Travis, various titles, 1989 to present.
Mesechabe: A Journal of Surregionalism ed. by John Clark and Dennis Formento, 1980-90’s.

NOLA (1990’s)
Word Up: Black Poetry of the 80’s from the Deep South ed. by Kalamu ya Salaam, 1990.
The Missing Jew by Rodger Kamenetz, 1992.
Magic City by Yusef Komunyakaa, 1992.
WOMEN IN CARS by Martha McFerren, 1992.
The Jew in the Lotus by Rodger Kamenetz, 1994.
Poet-Chief: The Native American Poetics of Waly Whitman and Pablo Neruda by James Nolan, 1994.
New Orleans Review: The Other South vol. 25, no.1-2; ed. by Ralph Adamo, 1995.
The Free People of Color of New Orleans: An Introduction by Mary Gehman, 1996.
New Orleans Review: An Other South vol. 21, no.2 ed. by Ralph Adamo, 1999.
Rogue Wave ed. by Beth McCormack, 1996-2004.
Southern Journey: A Return to the Civil Rights Movement by Tom Dent, 1997.
Trouble the Water: 250 Years of African American Poetry ed. by Jerry W. Ward, 1997.
All Saints: New and Selected Poems by Brenda Marie Osbey, 1997.
Ain’t No Spring Chicken: Selected Poems by Ahmos Zu-Bolton, 1998.
360 Degrees, A Revolution of Black Poets ed. by Kalamu ya Salaam, 1998.
From a Bend in the River: 100 New Orleans Poets, ed. by Kalamu ya Salaam, 1998.
Belief Blues by Kay Murphy, 1998.
rogue embryo by Camille Martin, 1999.
I Am New Orleans and Other Poems by Marcus B. Christian; ed. by Rudolph Lewis and Amin Sharif, 1999.
Lower 48 by Joel Dailey, 1999.
Lavender Ink ed. by Bill Lavender, various titles, 1990’s to present.

NOLA (2000’s)
Frozen Embraces by Biljana Obradovic, bilingual, English and Serbian, 2000.
Fattening Frogs for Snakes by John Sinclair, 2002.
Another South: Experimental Writing in the South, ed. by Bill Lavender and Hank Lazer, 2002.
Pages from the Book of the Sun: New and Selected Poems by Niyi Osundare, 2002.
Rhythm & Blues by Julie Kane, 2003.
All Fires the Fire by Andy Young, 2003.
Words of Fire: An Anthology of the Dragon’s Den Poetry Night, ed. by Heidi Peite, 2003.
The Altar of This Moment by beverly Rainbolt, 2003.
If Books Were Bricks by Jimmy Ross, 2003.
Jayne Mansfield’s Dog by Alex Rawls, 2004.
YAWP: A Journal of Poetry & Art ed. by Dave Brinks, 2004 to present.
Appetite by Jean-Mark Sens,, 2004.
Red Beans And Ricely Yours: Poems by Mona Lisa Saloy, 2005.
Xavier Review vol. 25, no. 2; ed. by Richard Collins, 2005.
MEENA: A Bilingual Literary Magazine, Arabic and English, Issues 1-3; ed. by Andy Young and Khaled Hegazzi, 2005 to present.
New Orleans Review vol. 31, no. 2; ed. by Christopher Chambers, 2006.
Blind Visionz by Michael “Quess” Moore, 2006.
What Gets Into Us by Moira Crone, 2006.
Simpatico Press ed. by Daniel Kerwick, 2006 to present.
Solid Quarter ed. by Megan Burns, 2006 to present.
Geometry of the Heart by Valentine Pierce, 2007.
Roach Opera by Christian Champagne, 2007.
University of New Orleans Press, ed. by Bill Lavender, various titles, 2007 to present.
All Mothers Are Boats by Herbert Kearney, 2008.
aepoetics by Thaddeus Conti, 2008.
Memorial + Sight Lines by Megan Burns, 2008.
Constance, Issues 1-2; ed. by Patrick Strange and Eric Kiesewetter, 2006, 2008.
The Katrina Papers by Jerry W. Ward, 2008.
Olympia Street by Michael Ford, 2008
The Richard Wright Encyclopedia ed. by Jerry W. Ward and Robert J. Butler, 2008.
Spherical Woman: Collected Poems by Kysha Brown Robinson, 2009.
The Caveat Onus by Dave Brinks, 2009.
The Parade Goes On Without You by Andrea Boll, 2009.
TRANSFIXION by Bill Lavender, 2009.
My Name is New Orleans: 40 Years of Poetry and Other Jazz by Arturo Pfister, 2009.
Slosh Models by Brett Evans, 2009.
Etheral Avalanche by Gina Ferrara, 2009.
The Loup Garou by Moose Jackson, 2009.

NOLA (2010’s)
What Can’t Be Lost ed. by Lee Barclay, 2010.
Unsolicited Poems by David Rowe, 2010.
Dorado, Issue 1; ed. by Peter Anderson, 2010 to present.
A Howling in the Wires ed. by Sam Jasper and Mark Folse, 2010.
According to the Drunken Elders of My Past by Geoff Munstermann, 2010.
Downtown by Lee Meitzen Grue, 2011.
SONG OF PRAISE: Homage To John Coltrane by John Sinclair, 2011.
The War of the Pews: A Personal Account of St. Augustine Church in New Orleans by Rev. Jerome G LeDoux, S.V.D., Margaret Media, 2011.


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[…] http://www.17poets.com. The catalog of works to be exhibited is so long I’m going to put them in a separate post. If you already have plans for tonight, you ought to reconsider them. 17 Poets at the Goldmine […]


2. Michael Dominici - September 1, 2011



3. Marilyn Kallet (@mkallet) - October 24, 2011

Thanks for posting this! I’m looking forward to my performance of Surrealist poetry at the Gold Mine Saloon on Thursday, October 27 as part 17Poets! Hope to meet some new friends there, and get a jolt of the NOLA poetry scene– Rock on! Marilyn Kallet


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