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Odd Words August 4, 2011

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, New Orleans, Odd Words, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

Its a funny old world, how a new comment on this old post leads me to find a local writer I didn’t know about and her new book, which includes a novella about a woman who witnesses a crime not far from the spot on Rampart that inspired the post, the corner in fact of Rampart and [pause for effect] Toulouse.

A funny, Odd world I should say.

A now, from the deportment of correktshuns and profereeding: Tom Piazza’s new book DEVIL SENT THE RAIN is not a novel but a collection of non-fiction pieces. Look for announcements on upcoming release events around town in August and September (Garden District Aug. 13, Octavia Aug. 17 and Faulkner House Books at a date I don’t have yet).

Speaking of Faulkner House, the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society annual Words & Music Conference is just a few months off, Nov. 9-13. The Society’s annual Fall literary happening, allows published authors and scholars to showcase new work in theme sessions designed for readers and writers. The annual event will once again present a full program of sessions designed primarily for yet unpublished authors, writers who want to improve their work and get it publishes— such as manuscript critiques and one-on-one consultations with top-notch literary agents and editors; workshops with hands-on attention to developing writers by agents and editors, established fiction writers, non-fiction writers, and poets. I haven’t done this before but certainly will be there this year.

And so to the listings:

& Now with proofreading for the same low price (last week’s listing, not her book): Pamela Ewen’s DANCING ON GLASS sounds like the sort of chick-lit I would normally pass over: successful lawyer meets magical Mr. Right who turns out very, very wrong but this Successful Woman happens to come to New Orleans and meets and marries an artist with dark secrets who takes her life down (literally) an unexpected road. This sounds like a perfect fairy tale of the dark side of New Orleans’ fey charms. Bonus points for Ms. Ewen if her character Amalise Catoir is she’s a Nice Girl from Jersey who graduated Tulane Law and decided to stay. Thursday, Aug. 4 at 5:30 p.m. at Garden District Books.

& Also on Thursday at McKeown’s Books and Difficult Music, a free form book club featuring r a lively discussion of the various nonfiction books people have read. Thursday, Aug. 4 at 7 p.m. at McKeown’s.

&If you missed Times-Picayune music writer Keith Spera at Octavia on Tuesday he will be signing his new book GROOVE INTERRUPTED: Loss, Renewal and the Music of New Orleans at Garden District Books on Friday at Garden District Friday, Aug. 5 if you miss this one). The danger of the loss and ultimate recovery of New Orleans core music tradition and culture from the Federal Flood 0f 2005 is one of the greatest stories of travail and triumph since the Isrealites lit out for the Promised Land. As the TP’s music guy Spera was perfectly positioned as a witness to this, and his book “captures both the elation and the heartbreak of post-Katrina New Orleans through the stories of some of the city’s best musicians” per the blurb. I’ve only read two Katrina books in the past year, Dave Eggars ZETOUIN and Dan Baum’s NINE LIVES and each so knocked me on my ass I couldn’t read another for a while. Or so I thought, because I know I won’t be waiting for the paperback on this one.Friday, Aug. 5 at Garden District Books.

&Ricky Riccardi will give a presentation and sign his new book on Louis Armstrong’s later career WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD: The Magic of Louis Armstrong’s Later Years Saturday at Octavia Boosks.. While many of the new school jazz musicians of the post-WWII era dismissed Pops late career as the work of a buffoonish minstrel, trading his seminal early work for Hello, Dolly and Mack the Knife, he was the true rock star of his era who collaborated with Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and Dave Brubeck, and who toured the world as the ambassador of American’s unique music. Saturday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. at Octavia Books.

& The Faulkner Society will host a Cocktail party and book signing for Tom Carson, author of the new novel, Daisy Buchanan’s Daughter, and Tom Piazza,author of the new collections essays, Devil Sent the Rain. Free to the general public with advance reservations. To reserve, contact Faulkner Society at Faulkhouse@aol.com or call (504) 524-2940 to reserve or reserve copies of books in advance. Aug. 10, 6 pm, Faulkner House.



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