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Odd Words July 21, 2011

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, New Orleans, NOLA, Odd Words, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

It’s another busy Wednesday and I’ll be checking out the newest incarnation of the Dinky Tao poetry meetup at the Neutral Ground Coffee House on Daneel Street, so I am once again skiping straight to the listings. I finally finished Dan Baum’s Nine LIves, which was an wonderful and excruciatingly painful read (read it anyway; it’s worth the PTSD flashbacks), and I had my son this past weekend and between Baum and getting Matt to finish reading half of William Faulkner’s short stories for his summer reading assignment seemed literary challenge enough. Which of course explains why I picked up 2999 again last night. I’ve got to clear the Big Book decks for 1Q84.

& Tonight John Epstein, author of the nostalgic K&B Drugstores, will sign his book at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum at 1 p.m. You know you’ve always wanted to go in the museum (and the toy soldier shop for that matter) so why not make this your reason to go. Don’t make me sign the jingle. You’ll never get it out of your head.

& On Saturday, July 23rd, the Louisiana Creole Research Association will host “Two Centuries of Writing: The Literature of the Creole Community of Color in New Orleans.” The event is open to the public and begins at 4:00pm. Three of La Creole’s member-scholars will present research on selected written works by New Orleans’ Creoles of color from the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Pierre-Aristide Desdunes: Civil War Soldier, Romantic Literary Artist & Civil Rights Activist, Caryn Cossé Bell The Journals of the Société d’Économie, Fatima Shaik, Notre Histoire et Nos Historiens: Rodolphe-Lucien Desdunes, His Work, and His Successors, Jari C. Honora. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, visit http://www.lacreole.org. The LHC is located at 938 Lafayette Street, on the corner of O’Keefe in the CBD. Saturday, July 23 at the Louisiana Humanities Center.

& Yeah, things are slow so why not make it over to the Latter Memorial Library this Saturday for their regular book sale in the carriage house in back from 10 am – 2 pm. I think of this as the Jimmy Ross Memorial Booksale, except Jimmy’s not dead yet (stopped by my house the other day on the way to the Fair Grinds) but he told me how he used to dumpster dive for old books there which practice he claims lead to the idea of having a regular sale. If you can’t envision Jimmy dumpster diving for books, then I’m pretty sure you haven’t met Jimmy. My 16-year old son pronounced him “pretty cool” after his drop-by, which is high prasie for a guy of Jimmy’s age.

& If the summer heat is keeping you down, I think this might get you out of the house. Garden District Book Shop will host Dita Von Teese and her new book Dita: Tease, a collection of three exquisite little flip books featuring von Teese’s most popular burlesque performances, as photographed by Nields, are presented together in a flocked keepsake box, and a new hardcover edition of her books Burlesque and the Art of the Teese/Fetish and the Art of the Teese: Dita Von Teese. As if it weren’t hot enough. Monday, July 25, 5 pm, Garden District Book Shop.

& This one sounds like a rollicking good time: Join Octavia Books for a presentation and booksigning with music journalist Preston Lauterbach featuring his new book, THE CHITLIN’ CIRCUIT, the first history of the network of black juke joints that spawned rock ‘n’ roll through an unholy alliance between vice and entertainment. Wednesday, July 27, 6 pm, Octavia Books.

If one of those last two events can cure your Blue Mondays you should have someone check you for a pulse.

&Here’s one for the kids I want to crash. At the Milton Latter Memorial Library Summer Reading Club, hear American Indian Stories and Trickster Tales as well as a great traditional craft, Hopi Kachina Dolls! Tuesday, July 26, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm. If the A/C goes out while you’re there, well, that’s Coyote for you.

& Also next Wednesday, don’t forget to check out the newest incarnation of Thaddeus Conti and krewe’s Dinky Tao poetry reading. Every Wednesday, 8 pm, Neutral Ground Coffee House. Sundays at the Maple Leaf have been Open Mic, but look for an update on August readers soon.

Oh, and just remember, you read your first review of a review here on Toulouse Street.



1. Marco - July 21, 2011

Would that be a meta-review then?


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