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Odd Words June 9, 2011

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, Odd Words, Toulouse Street.
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In this way, Deleuze has really helped me formulate my general approach to all works of literature: I do not care to comprehend them or understand them in any way. I wish instead to experience them and use them and become them.
Ken Baumann on HTML Giant

I was going to write something about the above quote, but I’m not sure I have time. I often lose myself in reading (and in music), coming up as if from a dream, bits of the book clinging to me but so much of it soon lost in the light of day. I look at my bookshelf and must force my highly idiosyncratic memory to struggle to recall the plot of a book read last year, sometimes forced to consult the jacket or read the first sentence to bring it all flooding back. (My memory has always been like this, and the 1970s probably didn’t help).

So much of what I write springs from some subterranean source in the first draft, a mystic river deep inside, the sum of all my experience and all I have read in the last fifty years. If what comes out is any good it is at least in part an idiot savant talent over which I have minimal control. Craft enters into it only at the end like an artist who works with found objects, a piece of driftwood suggesting itself, the shape and patina of the wood calling for the application of the brush or the chisel just so.

& Holy HTML Batman, Blake Butler of HTML Giant and the author of THERE IS NO YEAR and Michael Kimball, author of US, will be at the Antenna Gallery tonight. (If you’re reading this and don’t read HTML Giant, you should be). Butler is the author of three books, including Scorch Atlas, which 3:AM Magazine named Novel of the Year. The New York Times review of THERE IS NO YEAR called it “a thing of such strange beauty that digging for answers of your own will yield the rewards that only well-made art can provide.” Kimball is the author of three novels, including Dear Everybody, which the Believer called “a curatorial masterpiece.”Give my apologies to Dave and Megan but this is where I’ll be tonight. Antenna Gallery, June 9 at 7:00 p.m.

& Thursday, June 9 @ 7:00pm 17 Poets! Literary & Performance Series proudly presents New Orleans Poet Jerome White along with special guests, visiting poets Paulette Swartzfager and Susan Deer Cloud. Followed by open mic featuring the Medusan MC Jimmy Ross follows.

& If you know my history, you know why I would be interested in this book (althought at $65 I’m going to have to think about it hard). My father was senior vice president of Curtis & Davis, the architectural firm responsible for much of New Orleans’s modernist architecture including the Rivergate, with the worlds largest unsupported cast concrete roof, and Cabrini Church. Next Thursday Octavia Books will host a signing for Building Community: The Work of Eskew + Dumez + Ripple . Through an analysis of works by Architects Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, this book seeks to pursue the role of the architect as community builder and shaper of human experience in addition to their physical impact on the built landscape. A first monograph for the firm, the book introduces the Studio’s unique, personal and careful approach to the design of buildings of their own time and place within the culturally rich environment of New Orleans and the Deep South region. Thursday, June 9 at Octavia Books.

& Wednesdays at the VASO Ultra Lounge (the old Hookah at 500 Frenchman) SMUT PRODUCTIONS, VILLA ENT. & VASO ULTRA LOUNGE presents: Poet’s Corner & Open Mic with a LIVE BAND. DOORS OPEN AT 9pm ONLY $5 COVER. SHOW STARTS AT 10PM GET THERE EARLY!!!! Hosted By Carl SMUT DA POET Smothers. Wednesdays, VASO Ultra Lounge

& The Ebony Center at 4215 Magazine Street hosts a weekly spoken-word, music and open-mic event. Tickets $7 general admission, $5 students. 11 p.m. Friday. I can’t get any details on this, but if you know who I can reach out to let me know.

& I’m not a mystery reader, but something about a tattooed private eye who uses her dreams, omens and the help of a bit of herb to solve a mystery in New Orleans sounds like it might just get me onto the road to finally reading some Pelecanos and The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo. My wife adores Sue Grafton who positively gushes in her blurb: ” I love this book! Absolutely love it. This is the first fresh literary voice I’ve heard in years.” OK, that some stgrong praise, so you might want to stop by Octavia Books on Saturday to check out Sara Gran and her new novel CLAIRE DEWITT AND THE CITY OF THE DEAD. Octavia Books, June 11, 6 p.m.

& On Saturday, Poet Gian “G-Persepect” Smith and Alphonse “Bobby” Smith host Pass It On, a weekly spoken-word and music event at the George & Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art, 2003 Carondelet St. Admission $6. 9 p.m G-Persepect is the poet featured in the Treme trailer.

& Next Thursday, the folks behind the Twitter identiy @FakeAPStylebook will visit Octavia with their new stylebook WRITE MORE GOOD. “It’s time to face up to reality: Writing clearly, checking facts, and correcting typos are dying arts. Whether you’re a jaded producer of media or a nitpicking consumer of it, this book will help you to embrace, not resist, the lowering of standards for the written word!” Octavia Books, June 16, 6 p.m.

& Also next Thursday, Maple Street Bookshop will host K&B DRUG STORES with John Epstein WILL share his book on K&B Drug Stores, which he co-authored with Sydney J. Besthoff III, past president and owner of K&B Drug Stores and grandson of Sydney J. Besthoff (founder with Gustave Katz of Katz & Besthoff Drug Store). Step past the tube tester and back into time, maybe grab a cherry coke at the counter and relive the history of K&B. (Look at almost any corner, and what do you see. A big purple sign that says:friendly K&B). Just stay away from the Blue Law aisles on Sunday, and definitely avoid the K&B Gin. Maple Street Book shop, June 16 at 6 p.m.

& You should probably also mark you calendars for this event later in June: The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities will host the first official reading by new Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane. The event will be preceded by a reception and the dedication of the Gustaf W. McIlhenny Family Foundation Board Room, honoring the foundation’s contributions to the LEH. Louisiana Humanities Center, June 23, 6:30 p.m.

& Garden District Books calendar is only updated for May on their web-site, so there’s no listing there.


1. adrastosno - June 9, 2011

It’s Pelecanos and he doesn’t write mysteries. More of a novelist with crime fiction tendencies.


Mark Folse - June 9, 2011

My bad. Spelin corrected.


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