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Sun Ra on Fortin Street May 7, 2011

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“Its After the End of the World. Don’t You Know That Yet?”

Too busy watching the world go by and trying to hawk books to get together a Jazz Fest post today but stop by the Shrine of Sun Ra at the Fortin Street Stage on your way in or out and light a josh stick. I just had to respond to the very nice woman I met the other morning who put up the Jon Bon Jovi shrine, and the Cyndi Lauper shrine that went up in answer a few days later. I think a jazz artist and a man of such spiritual truth deserves a shrine.

For years, the tagline on my Wet Bank Guide blog was the signature chant from the Space is the Place film, “It’s After the End of the World. Don’t You Know That Yet?”, a perfect statement for the Alice in Underland situation of New Orleans. The flood was a baptism that washed away the original sin of conventional Anglo-Saxon America and left me a pure son of New Orleans. When I got my tattoo I went for Moose Jackson’s equally apt line “I’m not alright but I am upright” but it was a hard choice. I may yet have Sun’s words permanently inked on my body, marked forever with the sacred chant of the postdiluvian elect.

So stop by and get you some Cosmic Vibrations at the Shrine (and a beer, a bathroom and some beans). You know you want some.


1. Paul Benton - May 8, 2011

ive seen at least four sun ra shows. once i touched the man as he strolled through the audience. i saw him shortly before he died. what a great music man. he truly traveled the space ways (from planet to planet). is jazz dead too? it seems like it.


2. Mark Folse - May 8, 2011

I have seen but sadly never met the Captain. I wish Micheal Ray of New Orleans who played with the Arkestra was in town this year as he did two years ago at the Zeitgeist for a taste of space.


3. Tara Jill - May 8, 2011

I am glad you made such a nice shrine. There is a third Maurepas street shrine that my neighbor made in honor of my little dog Lupe who was died in a hit and run on Friday.


4. Tommy Stevenson - May 21, 2011


Saw you shrine and posted this blog. Space is the place…


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