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Dream Song November 16, 2010

Posted by The Typist in 504, cryptical envelopment, Dancing Bear, New Orleans, NOLA, Poetry, Toulouse Street.

In Delia Tomino Nakayama’s poetry seminar we spend a few periods free writing, sometimes with a suggestion (but not an assignment). Yesterday’s topic was Dreams and I wrote this and thought I’d capture it here as it seemed to spring fully formed from somewhere in my mind.

I seem to spend most of the night in REM sleep, wake frequently from dreams all through the night. This particular disorder is a typical symptom of insomnia or sleep deprivation, but I am infrequently truly insomniac, often go easily back to sleep from these episodes. Is this a disorder in the clinical sense, or more a temperamental disorder of the humors, a part of who I am (Gemini, Sagittarius moon; blue eyed once blond now white; shy at first but garrulous once started). Is it perhaps a reason why I am compelled to write, the Spring tide river of images and floating fragments of stories that rush through my sleeping brain? When I wake with only the vaguest notion of the recent dream but have grasped, in that moment, that perfect line I struggled with before and cannot sleep unless I write it down, perhaps under take an entire revision knowing I will suffer for it in the morning, I do not think this is insomnia but something akin to inspiration. The disorder is not my own but the world’s and the poem the only antidote.


1. Marco - November 16, 2010

My sig-spouse-whatever is a Gemini w/ a Sag moon too. She is/was very shy, but now once started she rolls right along, mostly with other people, sometimes even with me if I don’t talk too much & the topic gets her Irish up.


mf - November 16, 2010

And now I have the words Sagittarius Moon to the tune of Concentration Moon by Frank Zappa stuck in my head. Lord help me where that will lead. Perhaps YouTube is down. Let’s hope.


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