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Odd Words November 11, 2010

Posted by The Typist in Odd Words, Toulouse Street.

Back in the saddle again. Out where an Injun’s your friend. Where the vegetables are green, and you can pee right into the stream, yes I’m back in the saddle again.

Uh, wait, is this thing on?

OK I’ve been slacking but as the great Firesign Theater crew once asked: how can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all? But I’m back, and I’m at least going to manage listings if nothing more clever than that. Go read Maud Newton or something for chrissakes, I’m just a guy typing on a folding Office Whatever table. If you want wit, mine’s at the cleaners and that awful pun proves it.

While we’re not on the subject of Charles Bukowski: Kenneth Rexroth hates Charles Bukowski. The feeling is mutual. And then there’s that jar of worms.

§ We’ll start with the easy. There will be no Maple Leaf reading this Sunday because of the ravenous hordes expected to descend on Oak Street for the annual Po-Boy festival. Anyone who disputes their title as the longest uninterrupted (excepting Katrina) poetry reading in the south will have to meet me on the patio and duel it out with twelve inch roast beefs, dressed and extra gravy.

§ Antelope Freeway 1/4 mile

§ Console yourself with two chances to catch the inimitable Chris Champagne on two nights this weekend: Friday night at 8 pm at The Fair Grinds Coffee House you can catch “Dis Ain’t Gawland” , call in radio and post Katrina excerpts from my 7 satirical shows since Katrina. Mucho call in radio “Wisdom”, Numa interviewed by Sherry Gross on Fresh Hair, CNN post Katrina interview with an unspecified talking head, Numa interviewed about Mitch and The Earl spill. And more. And then on Saturday night the return of “Season of The Mitch” my one man show of all things silly this way went. Alas. It never ends. Numa’s full interview on Meet The Press about MITCH , Wait Wait Don’t Kill Me!!?? The New Orleans game show that explains the unexplainable, Louisiana and New Orleans politics. And of course the latest Tome from Fake Orealnian of the Year runner up Doug Brinkley–MITCH:The History of The Eight Years of Mitch Landrieu Mayoral Reign. Why wait for the facts? Indeed. And Numa interviewed by a guy named Lloyd who lived in the lower nine about The OIL SPILL. All the facts that can be made fun of and MORE. And More that that too. Saturday’s show is at Bud’s Broiler across from Delgado upstairs. Numa and Hamburgers and Beer for sale on the premises. Freedom… well.. it ROCKS!!! $10 CHEAP!!!

§ Antelope Freeway 1/8

§ Inimitable? Didn’t Dick Cavett always used to say that? Did you ever see the Cavett show where Robin Williams shows up all coked up and literally climbs the bookcase set like some sort of cat lizard during the interview?

§ Antelope Freeway 1/16 mile

§ Thursday at 17 Poets! at the Goldmine features Poet David Rowe reading from his new book Unsolicited Poems (Verna Press), and possibly engaging in a Sagittarian Poetry Death Match with Thaddeus Conti during open mike. No, I’m not trying to start trouble. Honestly. Haven’t had a drop either.

§ Antelope Freeway 1/32 mile

§ I feel another rant about Peggy Scott Laborde coming on every as I contemplate posting this, but if you’re old enough to remember Bob and Jan Carr you’re going to want to drop by Octavia Books for a signing of RAINSING OUR CHILDREN ON BOURBON: A French Quarter Love Affair, in which Bob Carr talks about the story of he and his wife and Jan, who escaped the mundane life of mid-America and moved to the heart of the infamous French Quarter to raise their children among the “Quarter eccentrics” while accomplishing spectacular careers in radio and television. (Hint, if these names are not familiar to you, let me ask you this: when was the first time you saw the NBC Peacock In Living Color?)

§ Antelope Freeway 1/64 mile


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