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Odd Words July 15, 2010

Posted by The Typist in Odd Words, Toulouse Street.

I just noticed last Saturday morning that Books is no longer listed on the NOLA.COM site under More New Orleans Entertainment. There is, however, a link for MTV’s Real World New Orleans. Books is a listing on the Times-Picayune web site. However, the Books link under Living on the T-P home page brings you to an empty page. I feel a haiku coming on, so before that happens I think instead it may be time to remove the hyphen from my preferred acronym for the paper. If anyone can recommend a comprehensive site where I can subscribe to the Sunday funnies on line, let me know. It’s not like we have a lot of fish to wrap down here lately.

Oh, here is the listing for Events under Books.”Sky without color/the blank page a branch without/leaves. Write a haiku.: (OK, that sucked. Don’t make me read it twice). So if you want your listings out there you had best send them to me. Look what happened when I actually acknowledged in this space that there is a (chain, big box) bookstore in Metairie last week. If I had known he was bringing donuts, I would have led with him.

§ I was pleased last week when the second stop at my daughter’s Loyola University of New Orleans orientation was a table where she was handed a hardback copy of A Confederacy of Dunces, which is required reading for all incoming first year students. What can I say except: two Ignatii for the price of one, even if it’s costing me a thousand a page. So far she’s not entirely impressed with Ignatius Riley, whom she finds “annoying”. If I were a cute 18-year old coed from Generation Whatever-We’re-Up-To-Now (I think we’re out of letters) and Ignatius Riley came up to me on the street, I would probably put my hand on the pepper spray and cross the street.

§ The Black Flood. I’m not exactly inundated with contributors, which I guess is a good thing given my available time. I do need to get around to writing a couple of polite declines for submissions. This should be easy, as I am quite familiar with the genre, but it’s going to be hard to send the first one.

§ 17 Poets! is dark Thursday, and the Maple Leaf is an open mike. Last Sunday the Maple Leaf crowd had a visit from H.R. “Stoney” Stoneback and bought his fascinating Hurricane Hymn. Stoney is a songwriter, educator and poet who lived in Nashville for years, and his Hurricane Hymn mingles “Hymns,” some from the classical protestant cannon and some from Bob Dylan, The Band, Johnny Cash, etc. Another tells the story of his songwriter neighbor, who would frequently bother him for ideas. While studying for his PhD Orals he hold the guy to scat and “go read some Faulkner; go read some Fitzgerald” and the result was the song Delta Dawn. Hurricane Hymn is highly recommended for anyone who (like me) has been filling a book shelf with Katrina books. You can get it from Codhill Press.

§ OK, I’m not crazy about Chris Rose but this upcoming book (featured at the Octavia Book Store on Saturday, 7/16 at 6 p.m. caught my eye: ONE BLOCK: A New Orleans Neighborhood rebuilds – Photographer Dave Anderson (text by Chris Rose). And on Saturday 7/31 Octavia will host BEFORE DURING AFTER: Louisiana Photographers’ Visual Reactions to Hurricane Katrina. Both of these sound like coffee table sized (and priced) books, so I’m going to have to think hard about both, but I know I’m going to be picking these up and sorely tempted to leave with a copy of one or both.


1. Marco - July 15, 2010

Ha! It’s too bad that they started with Gen X because Z starts as early as 1993ish. What’s to be done? Maybe you could mask as Gen X+Y+Z =? next Mardi Gras.


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