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Uncomfortably Numb June 4, 2010

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, NOLA, The Narrative, Toulouse Street, We Are Not OK.
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For years after the levees broke and my city flooded I raged and wept at Wet Bank Guide, naked as an Old Testament prophet in our ruined temple and praying as best I knew how for New Orleans. At some point, I felt that part of my life had reached an end. I stopped posting there, and collected some of what I thought worthwhile as Carry Me Home — A Journey Back to New Orleans. I learned to live (through my writing) not in grief or anger but in the pure joy of New Orleans.

Now I stare for hours at the oil flooding into the sea and rolling onto the coast, scroll past picture after picture of things dead and dying, a pelican black wings half-raised and bill open as if to scream, read endlessly about the simmering anger and the broken blankness of the people of our coast and the flailing of incompetent government, powerless to protect it’s people. I cannot live in anger for ever. Someone I know, a fellow blogger, died in part from anger. Now I try instead for a calm something like numbness but it’s not working; the slow drill grinds against the rotten tooth and I’m yelling Stop! Stop! It’s not enough. It’s not working.


1. maitri - June 4, 2010

No, it’s not working.


2. Marco - June 4, 2010

pass the duchy


3. Wendy Rodrigue - June 4, 2010

Your ‘numb’ account of this tragedy is beautiful.


4. coldH2Owi - June 4, 2010

I don’t live in NOLA, but I share your desire. I never in my life fell as hard for a city, a culture, a dreamland, a wallop of a trombone upside my head, like I did for New Orleans. Now, I don’t want to post that pelican, but I do. I feel like I need a small niche where I’m busy, busy, too busy to worry or rage. I don’t like that feeling. Who knows?


mf - June 4, 2010

It’s not so much NOLA as the entire coast, an entire people and their 300 year old way of life that is dying. Perhaps it was inevitable that we would spoil it all and be forced to move on but this is not the Neolithic. There is disaster over every horizon. How long before Earth is our Easter Island, leaving nothing but the ruins behind like monolithic demons?


5. mike mcgee - June 4, 2010

…36 years ago, or so, me and my friend Waye walked out into the Fourchon, long before a port was built there. We ‘picked’ oysters right out of the water and opened them, and ate them right there… They were the most wonderful thing a bot from New Mexico ever ate! Salty and Good, I’ll have that memory of the Baritaria for ever…


6. judyb - June 6, 2010



7. Marco - June 8, 2010

Pass the duchy, then write more, brother.


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