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HOO DOO DAT February 8, 2010

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, NOLA, Toulouse Street.
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After they took away my mini-Bring The Wood Bat (“you’re going to hurt somebody”) I grabbed this voodoo doll off of the food table and applied it as shown through the late fourth quarter. The rest is history. I’m either donating the doll to the Smithsonian or auctioning it off on eBay.

If you look closely (it’s burned out by the flash) the doll has Peyton Manning’s face after the on-sides kick.

More when I make a second pot of coffee. Or have a beer. I’m leaning toward beer.


1. Adrastos - February 8, 2010

I was more concerned that you’d hurt yourself or that Zachary would whap Ryan upside the head with it. Oh I guess that’s the same thing. Never mind.


2. Not KamaAina - February 9, 2010

Nice shirt, dude!

As for the doll, it should be prominently displayed at the entrance to the Dome, right near the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

I can’t believe I just typed that…


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