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Odd Words November 18, 2009

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, New Orleans, NOLA, Odd Words, Toulouse Street.

On the road for business so no real time for a column this week. There is no Susan Larson listing (the rumor is she took the T-P buyout) so you might want to check the listings on Nordette Adams’s Examiner list.

§ Update I missed this while on the road, and may miss it today but will be there if I can: Lament and Katrina — A Dialogue Between Biblical Scholars and Poet. Hear Niyi Osundare ,Mona Lisa Saloy , Jerry Ward, Bill Lavender, Megan Burns, Dave Brinks and several biblical scholars discuss “why poetry has a capacity for deep lament but scholarship does not. Five distinguished and prolific poets and writers of New Orleans will be presenting their poems composed from their experiences of Hurricane Katrina. ” I will have to try to get down to the Waterbury room of the Sheraton on Canal Street Saturday Nov. 21 from 1-3:e0 pm.

§ What I’m reading: Lana Wiggin’s Notes from Refuge is a tremendous collections of poems. She read last week at 17 Poets. I’m too beat for a mini review so I’ll just tell you its fabulous and send you to this review ,and offer two of her own lines in summation: ” she falls from grace/with such madness”. All I would add to that (for now) is: out of madness, such grace. Get yourself some.

§ I know exactly where my Ulysses map of Dublin is (if only because I stumbled across it the other day in my files). If you are as fascinated by maps and literature as I am, you will love looking at some of the maps on the atlas(t) blog. I rather hope they do up an On The Road map.



1. Charlotte - November 19, 2009

Nordette rocks. Done.


2. Nordette - November 19, 2009

LOL. Thank you , Charlotte. And thank you, monsieur. I have been sensing Susan’s absence; however, I also heard that she’s working on an update to her book on New Orleans writers.



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