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Crunk Before Halftime November 13, 2009

Posted by The Typist in New Orleans, New Orleans Saints, NOLA, Toulouse Street.
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How improbable is a New Orleans Saints Superbowl? The Yellow Blog tests the limits of Infinite Improbability, probes Life, The Universe and Everything to give us this answer:

If the creation of [the] Higgs boson particle is so catastrophically unlikely that it is capable of extra-temporally preventing its own occurrence, couldn’t it at least be theoretically possible to conceive of the cosmic fallout brought about by a Saints Superbowl as a comparable phenomenon?

I have to admit I had not considered that, in all the years since I went to my first game at Tulane Stadium, wearing the matching gold berets with fleur de lis my Dad had brought my brother and I, back when Chin Guy was the only mascot we had ever had.

I haven’t year heard all of Halftime by the Ying Yang Twins only because ITunes is being petulant, but last night spoken word artist/rapper Page1NE (that’s spoken as Page One) performed this piece at 17 Poets and I had to plop down $5 to get a copy. Now granted 17 Poets is held in a bar (the Goldmine Saloon, owned by poet Dave Brinks) and not in some staid coffee house or library auditorium, but I’ve never seen a poetry crowd yelling and pumping their fists to chant along before. Some strange force is abroad in the universe that may finally lay to rest the curse of Girod Cemetery.


1. rickngentilly - November 14, 2009

where can i get a copy?

is that one of the guys who used to break dance across the street from jackson square?

the dragon masters?


mf - November 17, 2009

Not too sure where to find Page1NE except he can be found on Google, on some site I haven’t seen before that like My Space.


2. rickngentilly - November 20, 2009

tried my space. didnt see where i could buy and download the mp3

all i got from google was the same.

thanks .

gonna try peachs on decatur.


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