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Odd Words Addendum November 9, 2009

Posted by The Typist in books, literature, Odd Words, poem, Toulouse Street.

I don’t know how this slipped by mind last Thursday (or all week, really, and now I’m pretty sure I can’t go) but poet C.D. Wright will be reading at Newcomb College at 730 pm this evening (Monday, Nov. 9) in the Freeman Auditorium, Woldenberg Art Center. Wright is the 11th Florie Gale Arons Poet and will be teaching and giving workshops as well.

I had not heard of her until this was announced a few months back and I started Googling up some of her work online and damn but I am pissed that I am not going to be there.

Here’s a taste found online as an inducement to you to go:

Bent Tones

There was a dance at the black school.
In the shot houses people were busy.

A woman washed her boy in a basin, sucking
a cube of ice to get the cool.

The sun drove a man in the ground like a stake.
Before his short breath climbed the kitchen’s steps

She skipped down the walk in a clean dress.
Bad meat on the counter. In the sky, broken glass.

When the local hit the trestle everything trembled —
The trees she blew out of, the shiver owl,

Lights next door — With her fast eye
She could see Floyd Little
Changing his shirt for the umpteenth time.

Copyright © C. D. Wright. From Ploughshares (Fall 1983)

Yeah, I think anybody down here should get that immediately. There’s more here.


1. pistolette - November 9, 2009

Off topic, but… I took a couple of photos of you at the reading the other day if you’d like to see. They’re toward the end of my book fair set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mitraillette/sets/72157622639624913/


2. Stephanie Barko - November 10, 2009


What a literary blog you have. Nice.
Here’s a future post to consider, a cross between a
“this month in Louisiana history” tidbit and a blurb on a
book that bends & blends genres.

On the 28th of November, 1942, (67 years ago this month)
Louisiana put to death a DeRidder beauty queen for murdering a Texan. To this day, Toni Jo Henry is still the only woman in Louisiana’s history to end up frying in Little Sizzler.

Southeastern Louisiana University Professor Norman German wrote a novel, A Savage Wisdom, based on Toni’s murderous life. In it, we meet a love-struck southern girl
and cold-blooded killer. Visit http://www.asavagewisdom.com for more information on the gruesome event.

Let me know if I can help assemble the content for you or arrange an author interview. My email address is steffercat@austin.rr.com.
Sorry to put this here, but your email address was nowhere to be found on your blog.


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