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Rising Tide IV August 14, 2009

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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Rising Tide IV, the annual bloggers conference on the recovery and future of New Orleans, will be “Sinking to New Heights” on Aug. 22 at the Zeitgeist Multi Disciplinary Arts Center in New Orleans. Our featured speaker: the multi-talented Harry Shearer, a great champion of New Orleans on Huffington Post and elsewhere, along with panels on the status and future of New Orleans music, food and parading culture; the state of New Orleans health care, a look at politics and the city going into the 2010 elections and more.

Registration is open at http://www.risingtidenola.net and is only $25 until August 20th and includes lunch from Cafe Reconcile. There will be a social Friday evening Aug. 21 at The Avenue Pub. Additional details will be posted to the Rising Tide blog at http://risingtide.blogspot.com/ and the Rising Tide IV Facebook page.


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2. journalist - August 14, 2009

Why anyone would pay money to listen to the providers of half-assed rumors and commentary on news that is largely repetitive and otherwise banal? This event is all about self-agrandizing, it’s an information ponzy-palooza. Spend your money on going to hear local music instead.


3. Mark - August 14, 2009

If your vitriol is directed toward HuffPo in general I pretty much agree. If you’re talking about the NOLA Bloggers, I suspect you have a personal issue with one or more of us. You sure as hell don’t read us. And I’m still trying to figure out what a ponzy-palooza is.Thanks for commenting.


4. New Orleans Ladder - August 14, 2009

Harry is my Herollero! Good luck Y’all.
It looks like yer’gonna to need it:


5. judyb - August 22, 2009

Thanks for everything, Mark. Looks like it was a success.


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