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Wet Bank Screed (Slight Return) July 22, 2009

Posted by The Typist in assholes, Federal Flood, FYYFF, New Orleans, NOLA.

Getting this post up on HumidCity.com, sort of took the blogging out of me for a couple of days, so go read that instead. It’s an old Wet Bank Guide style screed against the idea that New Orleans is going to be saved (largely from itself) by fashionable entrepreneurs (mostly from elsewhere).

I just finished a fawning article in The Atlantic touting the revitalization of New Orleans via the importation of young entrepreneurs, a self-styled new “creative class” for the city. The real subject of this glowing in-flight magazine puff piece is Sean Cummings, a young real estate developer and the appointed director of Reinventing the Crescent, the quasi-public program funded with public dollars to extend the landscaped an open riverfront from Poland Avenue to Jackson Avenue.

The piece starts on a bad note: “[a] city nearly destroyed by forces of nature nearly four years ago.” What struck New Orleans was no more a force of nature than the explosion of the Space Shuttle or the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis. Referring to the Federal Flood as a natural disaster is a good indication that the author is clueless and comfortable to remain so. We are not disappointed by this assumption…

The rest is on HumidCity.com


1. Editilla da'Pun - July 24, 2009

You got dat’right, Mark.
Judas Priest! That boy Sean gets better press than Satan ever thought about, eh?
But I’m tollin’ya this though… he gonna have to deal wit’da Brown Ground along the river, correct? I’m talking about that sliver of the liver of this city’s toxic waste for the past 200 years, from basically Elysian Fields to Poland –but particularly where the Produce Co lit up and burned fancy metallic colors during the flood, blanketing the hood like a rat bag full of mosquito fog and spraying houses with little propane tanks IEDs (Improvised Eructile Devices).
Anyway, he looks too clean to handle the job.


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