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Poteen March 14, 2009

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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We’re off to the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade with a cooler full of Smithwicks and a bottle of Jameson’s, bound for the fine before and after party hosted by Celcus and Christy. I’m only 1/16th Irish (mother’s side, by Bridget Maggie An Hennessy, born 1833 Roscrea, Tipperary, Ire.) but if you haven’t detected it before I’m an incorrigible Eirephile, and married to one of those irrepresible Irish-Americans, so this is one of the High Holidays here on Toulouse Street.

It’s probably too warm to wear the Co. Offaly jersey I bought during our honeymoon in Ireland (did I mention the inveterate Irish-American spouse?). I grabbed the shirt in a sporting goods store off a rack of jerseys because I liked the look of it and I didn’t know whose colors I was wearing until a guard at Shannon Airport offered an “Up Offaly” to me and set me straight. Rebecca will probably where something from Notre Dame. (c.f. I-A spouse).

Killian (did I mention my incurably I-A wife?) is off to her SAT, but Matthew and his pal will join us for the big parade. Matt escaped being christened Patrick only because Rebecca couldn’t hold onto him until the 17th. Oh and if I refer in public to Killian as “our little souvenir of Ireland” I’m in big trouble.

Here is today’s program. We’ll be sticking to ales and stouts early and moving quickly to whiskey once we have a full sack of the makings of a decent pot of cabbage and potatoes.


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