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Krewe du Vieux 2009 February 9, 2009

Posted by The Typist in Carnival, cryptical envelopment, Dancing Bear, Krewe du Vieux, Mardi Gras, New Orleans, NOLA, Toulouse Street.

Update: Not sure how I got near the top of the Google heap for Krewe du Vieux 2009, but I promise to get some links up Tuesday night that will take you to people who were much less hungover than I and did a better job of recapping the parade. Links added down under.


Another fantastic Krewe de Vieux is just a blurry memory of a great time had before, during and after. Here are three members of the Secret Sub-Krewe of B.L.O.G. (Micheal, Leigh and your own humble narrator) at the before party. Mike and Leigh are new to Seeds of Decline, and had a fantastic time at their first KduV.

All of the krewes’ response to the theme of Stimulus Package rose to the occasion with no sudden drops in blood pressure, and the fun lasted well over four hours with no trips to the emergency room. I liked the new route, but was running low on throws and energy by the time we reached Frenchman. Not using a cart caused us some problems since we like to throw, but I was generally happier working out of a throw bag. Not being the mule to the throws cart I actually saw a larger number of people I knew along the parade. Colton School was a great venue for the ball, and the music was the best it’s been in several years.

I’ll get back here and link up some pictures but it’s a crazy day at work and yesterday I was not ready to do any thing not absolutely required for survival (including those three pints of Hair o’ the Dog at Finn McCool’s for Stehen Rea’s book launch party for Finn Mccool’s Football Club: The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of a Pub Soccer Team in the City of the Dead I’m not a footballer but his wife and mine work together, and I’m looking forward to reading his book).

Once I get a free minute tonight, I’ll roll up some links to blogs and photos from the festivites from other members of the Benevolent and Lewd Order of the Garrulous (B.L.O.G.).

Later Still: Here’s the links I promised. I think the thinness of the posts is a powerful indicator of just how much fun everyone had Saturday night. It’s going to take us days to recover. I can’t get to Flickr from work (nasssty Counting House firewallll; we hates it) but if you go there and search for Krewe du Vieux 2009, you’ll find quite a few snaps. I do not recommend viewing them at work, unless you have to move that big shipment of edible candy underwear off the counter to get to your PC.

Library Chronicles Quick KdV notes

Maitri’s VatulBlog The Best Krewe du Vieux Parade Yet!

Michael Homan After Krewe du Vieux

Adrastos Krewe of Cleavage

Humid Haney KDV 2009 The Stimulus Package

Nola-dishu Krewe du Vieux 2009 with lots of pictures (see warning above).


1. Nola - February 9, 2009

Keep me in mind if y’all get another opening! What fun!!!


2. Amy - February 9, 2009

You guys look so great! I am definitely going to make it down there next year for the festivities!


3. candice - February 10, 2009

Saw you in the parade but you were on the other side of the street – great hat you had, though.


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